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Frumples Pictures is a Denver-based Independent, zero-budget film company. Started in 1986 by Cody Weathers and John Fried, its surging ranks of proletariat artists has swelled to include such visionaries as novelist Cat Mayhugh, director John Speranza, actor/historian Brian Costello, gender researcher Corinna Buchholz, pornographer Joh3n O'Meara and his entire "family," fireworker Eric "Gonugs", and many other fresh new talents.  
Films: (available on high-quality VHS tape by special order)
  1. Vampires: They Come from Space (c)2000. Written by Cody Weathers, directed by Alan Smithee. ~30 mins. $15.
    The story of a clan of Space Vampires (in the classic tradition of Space Vampires) and their dastardly plan to conquer the Earth and subjugate its peoples, including a hyper-sexual twentysomething whose unhealthy and insatiable obsession with emotionless carnality has led him to adopt a pseudo-vampiric lifestyle. Vaunne's Rating: *
  2. Colfax (c)2000. Written and directed by Cody Weathers. 92 mins. $15.
    The story of a generation-X martyr (in the classic tradition of generation-X martyrs) who forces his two best friends to participate in a bizarre and bawdy road trip down the longest continuously-paved street in North America, searching for that elusive life's meaning that generation-X heroes often seek. Canterbury Tales meets MTV Real World. Vaunne's Rating: **
  3. Flame Cow (c)1999. Directed by Alan Smithee. Screenplay by Script Applicator 4.1. ~45 mins. $15.
    The epic tale of a heroic cow (in the classic tradition of heroic cows), a jaw-dropper gorgeous brainy milkmaid, and a cratchety old farmer who together must save the world from a deadly plague of clones unleashed in secret by a dark and brooding supervillain whose inky nebulous influence transcends geographic, political and cosmic borders at an alarming rate. Despite rumors circulating on the internet, the script was absolutely not written by robots. Soundtrack. FAQs. Vaunne's Rating: *
  4. Alien Autopsy: Truth Or What?/Sein-Free-R/Intergalactic Soccer (c)1996-99. Written and directed by Frumples consortium. ~45mins total. $15.
    • Alien Autopsy: There are strange goings-on all around us whose explanation defies traditional scientific thought. People from all over the world report the same eerie tales of thin, powerless-looking, abductors who whisk them away for gruesome probings and fickle sexual experiments. Is our government hiding the facts? What can the people do? Is this the truth.... or what? Vaunne's Rating: * 1/2
    • Sein-Free-R: Pilot episode of Frumples' über-sitcom, combining elements of Seinfeld, friends, and ER. During a power failure Krandler and Jorry debate whether or not they should let Smacky the Crack Monkey out of his cage. Meanwhile Dr.Ross tries to convince Eloebe to give him a second chance after a tryst with the Xerox Girl. Vaunne's Rating: No Stars
    • Intergalactic Soccer: The Immobile cubes of Zarkon-5 challenge the inhabitants of Titan --Saturn's abductingest moon-- to a political match of Intergalactic Soccer. The winner will gain control over the terrible moon of Sherlock. Seeking to throw the match to the cubes, the Abductors resort to Galactic Free Agency, and hilarity ensues. Vaunne's Rating: -1 Stars


Eagerly-awaiting production:

  1. Rusty Does Wyoming. One blowhard's tale of life on the open road.  Written by Cody Weathers. Eli Castillo to direct as animated short film.  (mp3 of the dialogue)


Unproduced scripts:

  1. Drunken Dove. Fractured hearts reconcile the piercingly-uncomfortable imperfections of their past and question whether they can find true love together.  Short film or play written by Cody Weathers. 
  2. Who Is Jarbus Forquim? A woman whose past may be coming back to haunt her speculates as to the identity and true nature of the unseen force stalking her.  Short film or play written by Cody Weathers as an extended monologue for one female performer.
  3. Hound.  Psychic noir written by Cody Weathers and Eric Rorem.

Other Frumples Contest Fiction:

  1. Earthing The Yes I Am: Collection of short scenes by various Frumples authors about aliens with an imperfect grasp of human behavior.
  2. What Is The Problem With Jimbo Jambo?: TV Pilot by various Frumples authors about the Eli Whitney Paramedic Law firm. Ally McBeal meets Witness.
  3. Atomic Ark: Various proposed ending scenes to the Network "Mega-Series" of the same name.
  4. MNF: What if Monday Night Football was cast under a truth spell with Boomer, Al, and a special guest? Various authors interpret.
  5. The Real Plunkett & MacLeane: Frumples brainstorms for scripts for Burt Reynolds & Dom DeLuise in merry mixups and happy hijinks.
  6. The Haiku Contest: Some haikus are dumb/And yet others are funny/The Earth loves haiku


Short Fiction by Cody Weathers:

  1. An Insurrection: After four hours, you're supposed to call a doctor, right?  Or maybe get your priorities in order.  Proud loser of the 2009 Esquire Short Fiction Contest. 
  2. Robotica, Mine a lovelorn dough-slinger takes a stab at writing a children's story --because how hard could it really be?-- in order to impress the girl of his dreams.
  3. The Greatest Episode of COPS Ever: Extremely short teaser showing the endless potential for spectacle should the producers of COPS grant the greatest actor of all time, Christopher Walken, sweeping authority over all matters criminal.
  4. Children of Bison Spur
  5. Sarah
  6. Tornado Sky
  7. Sven of the DOI
  8. Sven in New Mexico
  9. A Miracle in Orange
  10. Ernie and Lenny at the Beach




Alien Autopsy: Truth Or What? (2 parts) (1996) 

Neckmaster 3000: Has this ever happened to you? (1996)


Cosmonaut (1999)


The grimly heartbreaking tale of a Soviet Bloc hockey referee whose dream of cosmic glory remains a persistent, if dying ember.  Written and directed by John Speranza.

The End Begins (2010)

And the Australian robot says, "I hate you so much, I can taste it."  Written and directed by Eric.  Also check out his other two shorts in this series, "Tattoo" and "Madden"

Corn-fed (2010)

A quick message from your friends at the American Corn Council.  (written & "directed" by Cody)


Dots on the Calendar (2010)

A scene from a dead-end script I never finished.  I'm now considering finishing it for an all-Hello-Kitty cast... I think you'll understand why after you watch this.  (written & "directed" by Cody) 

Don't Laugh (2010)

Did you put it on?  (written & "directed" by Cody)


Super X-League Wonder Justice Friends (1994)

Living quietly and completely unobtrusively --by which I mean with no obtrusion of any kind-- among us, there are certain individuals with unusual talents and abilities which, if mustered together, could somehow be combined to fight crime in some very specific and creative way which we'll figure out for Episode II.  Rescored to "Leave Me Be" by Cody Weathers (album version on "Least Significant Failures")


Vampires: They Come From Space (1998)

John Speranza's entire short student film "Vampires: They Come From Space."  The film tells the epic auteur's struggle to perfect his vision for the film "Space Vampires," only to fall astray of the beacon of the universal artistic wavelength.  Rescored to "Little Miss NYC.  (written & directed by John Speranza)

St. John Of The Cross (1998)

John Speranza's entire short 8mm student film "St. John of the Cross."  The film restructures a mashup of found footage and cutting-room scraps into a haunting pastiche of virtue, sin, redemption, light, dark, and the revelation in between.  Alternately, no meaning was intended.  Rescored to "Dead Man's Blues"