Cody Weathers

Music so hip you'll need a bigger belt

All albums are available by special order on CD for $10 each unless otherwise noted
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Mama Done Warned Ya (Cody Weathers & The Men Your

Mama Warned You About Live 2010) 

 Häårdvārk (UFO Catcher: 2009)    
 Cinema (Sunhouse Branch: 2009)   FREE 

Least Significant Failures (Solo 2005)





I Love You, Helicopter (Box Set Disc 3: Solo 2006)





Fortnight (UFO Catcher: 2004)




 Free Horse Manure (Box Set Disc 2: Solo 2002)    


The Tale of A Sad And Lonely Boy Who

Dreamed Of Love

(Solo 2001) 

 Tongue Meets Eyeball (Sampler: 2000)    


The Top Secret Band That's So Secret That The Members

Don't Even Know That They're In The Band

(Sunhouse Branch: 2000) 

 2x3<4 (The Stunt Beatles: 2000)    
 I Hate You (Box Set Disc 1: Flip Nasty 2000)    
 Clapping Sold Separately (Flip Nasty Live: 2000)    $5

Flame Cow Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

(Flip Nasty 2000) 

 Fistful of Blues (Leaky Joe: 1999)    
 Monkey Eat Monkey (Sampler: 1998)    
 Songs You Hate (Flip Nasty: 1998)    
 River Dreams (Flip Nasty: 1997)    
 Archaeology (Flip Nasty: 1996)    
 Secret Microphone (Flip Nasty Live: 1996)    
 Guitool (Flip Nasty: 1995)    $5
 Senor Squeaky (Flip Nasty Live: 1994)    

The Bootleg No One Else Would Make

(Flip Nasty Live: 1994) 

 Pronounced "Snausages" (Flip Nasty: 1994)    
 Winter On Mercury (Flip Nasty Live: 1993)    
 Suck Pumpkin (Flip Nasty Live: 1993)    
 Drive By (Flip Nasty: 1993)    
 How About A Beating? (ROQUE Live: 1992)    
 Less Yackin', More Snackin' (ROQUE 1992)    $5
 As Rome Burns (ROQUE: 1991)    
 Not! (ROQUE: 1991)    
 Checkmate (ROQUE: 1991)    
 Separate Ways (ROQUE: 1990)    

ROQUE and Roll (ROQUE: 1989)