Cody Weathers

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Meet The Stunt Beatles
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Meet The Stunt Beatles: Denver's quirkiest band of teetotalers, playing Classic Rock covers and spreading cheer with fun bluesy originals.  Hear the mesmerizing harmonies of Hal Mortensen and Cody Weathers!  Shake, shake, shake your booty to the lumber thunder of Larry Elwood's incredible upright bass!  Hum, sing, scream along with Hal's finger-lickin' finger-pickin'!  Pound the table, pound the dashboard, pound your neighbor to Cody's infectious djembe grooves!  We are the Stunt Beatles, and we are <I>everywhere</I>!  We love chips.  We love salsa.  Together.  As a snack.  We are the Stunt Beatles.
Cody Weathers: Djembe, Harmony Vocals 

Originally brought on board as the group's "vicarious bachelor," Cody has failed to deliver on his promised swingin' ladykiller lifestyle. However, he can sing a little, and was willing to carry the PA, so we kept him. Cody is also in Flip Nasty and is the object of "Sophie Marçeau's" obsession.
Larry Elwood: Acoustic Upright Bass 

Entrepreneur and groovalicious string-thwackin' maniac. The tallest member of the band, Larry frequently looks down on Cody.

Hal Mortensen: Lead Vocals, Guitar 

Our fearless leader and father figure. Principal songwriter and song selector. Hal works something like 20 hours a day for The Denver Post, and we suspect he may be a vampire (only friendly, like Count Chocula or the vampire from Sesame Street).