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Flip Nasty: 

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Flip Nasty was Denver's premier nerd-rock ensemble in the 90's, known for their refusal to describe themselves as "alternative" and also their trademark "Nerd Fever" epidemic. Nerd Fever --catch it! Disclaimer: Neither Checkmate Records nor Flip Nasty are legally responsible for treatment of symptoms of "Nerd Fever" including, but not limited to: need to shake booty, spots, hallucinations, or murderous berserk frenzy.
The three hardest-rockin' nerds in show business brought their groundbreaking fusion of jazz, metal, and acoustic alternative to the 90s par-tay too early.  Before the cool kids got there.  And as happens to nerds at par-tays, they were mercilessly teased, their starched white shirts smudged and torn asunder.  But yet, they struggled on, continuing to strike up conversation upon dead-end conversation, certain that somewhere out there, someone would dig them for who they were.  But now, that party's over, and Kip Winger is selling used cars.  Maybe it's time to break out the old swank nerd rock, just one more time, just for you....

John Fried: Bass Guitar 

Raised by bloodthirsty "Bass Wolves" (Canus Bassus), John Fried requires a 12' fence and approximately 20 lbs of raw meat daily. Raising a Fried is a challenge not to be taken lightly or by persons with small children, whose fleeing actions may trigger his hunting instincts. However, those able to keep up with his feral nature will find him to be a bass player of superior natural ability.

John Speranza: Guitar 

Branded as "stiff" by his circus contortionist parents, young John Speranza found solace in the "pedal rubber band guitar," an instrument of his own invention. Despite his accomplished virtuosity on this instrument, he faced ridicule and banishment from all school-sanctioned musical groups. Reluctantly, he began to brandish a more traditional axe, all the while vowing that "one day they'll see, they will ALL see." Upcoming Flip Nasty releases will feature lengthy musical explorations of his true voice. Since the dissolution of Flip Nasty, John has ridden the rails as a hobo and also a member of Bay-area power-pop sensations, The Plus Ones.

Cody Weathers: Lead Vocals, Drums, Keyboards 

Brushing aside suggestions that he is merely "Mickey Dolenz without the muscles," Cody Weathers has forged an inspired lexicon of 400 nerdy little songs that don't attract girls (well, maybe one) like he was assured they would. Taking undue advantage of Barbara Hirschi-Neely's hard-earned cash, Cody chose to graduate from Lewis "Lewinsky" & Clark College in 1995 with a BS in Music Composition, meaning that he is now officially cleared to make things up. Sometimes he plays drums, and sometimes the bear eats him.

Album List: (featured albums in red)


  • I Hate You (Flip Nasty Box Set: Disc 1 2000)
  • Clapping Sold Separately (Live CD 2000) MP3 download of full album for $5 
  • Flame Cow: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Double CD 2000) MP3 download of full double-album for $8 on CDBaby
  • Songs You Hate (Double CD greatest hits '98)
  • River Dreams (CD '97)
  • Archaeology (CD '96)
  • Secret Microphone (Live CD '96)
  • Guitool (CD '95) MP3 download of full album for $5
  • Senor Squeaky (Live CD '94)
  • The Bootleg No One Else Would Make (Live EP '94)
  • Pronounced "Snausages" (CD '94)
  • Winter On Mercury (Live CD '93)
  • Suck Pumpkin (Live CD '93)
  • Drive By (CD '93)




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