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Warning: as the name implies, Torch & Bacon is neither for the very young or for the very stern.  These fascinating articles are raw and sometimes graphic descriptions of a life lived on the bleeding edge of nerd-rock, the seamiest of all rock and rolls.  Proceed only with the utmost caution. 


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  1. Impenetrable Wall of Force The Unofficial Cody Weathers/UFO Catcher/Flip Nasty Fan Site maintained by Memphis Evans.
  2. Memphis Evans interviews the real man behind Cody's curtain. That's disgusting. It's on the Memphis Evans site.
  3. Memphis Evans has even more questions, and Cody surprisingly still likes talking about himself!
  4. Oh Yeah? Well how about I turn the tables on you, Mr. Evans? How do you like that?!  
  5. The Sleeping Giant Blog: One Man Band....  Brief feature on Cody from Portland/Vancouver music blog "The Sleeping Giant" (which reviews a lot of very interesting local music in sharp lickety-split fashion --worth a browse!)
  6. Talk With Tim: Scat Man Plays With Heart.  Pop-culture blogger and renaissance curiosity-seeker Tim Moon (of the Vancouver Voice) interviews Cody about scat-rock and music in general.
  7. Oregonian Five Live: The Oregonian Mom Beat column & blog recommends Cody & The Men Your Mama Warned You About as one of five preferred family-friendly activities for the weekend of 1/22/11 "...suitable for children and mildly immature adults..."