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The lyric index currently contains 369 songs(updated 7/14/09):














952000Free Horse Manure
??24 Bad OnesHaardvark
??The Absinthe DrinkersMayhugh/WeathersSunhouse Branch
105The Abysmal RefugeeMayhugh/WeathersSunhouse Branch
212Act Your AgeThe Bootleg Nobody Else Would Make
282Afraid of LoveFlame Cow
29Afraid of the DarkWalsh/Weathers
148Ain't Got You
227ALITB (Inst.)Flame Cow
186All (Inst.)
140All Blown UpLess Yackin'
195AlongLeast Significant Failures
60AlwaysThe Tale....
??Amazing GraceNewton(trad.)/WeathersHaardvark
231Amazon WomenGuitool
297And Then The Fireman Ate The EggsMayhugh/O'Meara/WeathersFistful of Blues
274And You SayMonkey Eat Monkey
296Anyone But MeClapping Sold Separately
249As I AmArchaeology
128As Rome BurnsAs Rome Burns
??At First SightFortnight
14At Your MercyGoff/WeathersI Hate You
74Back Again
270Bang Bang GirlFistful of Blues
137Be Kind to AnimalsSunhouse Branch
56Beautiful SmileSeparate Ways
237Best of DaysLeast Significant Failures
165Bill, The Kind Dragon's Lullabye (Inst.)
281BirdyLeast Significant Failures
210BirthdayFistful of Blues
204BloomPronounced "Snausages"
309Blue as the MoonLeast Significant Failures
127Break UpAs Rome Burns
122Broken HeartFree Horse Manure
130Build Again
153Buy the WorldFree Horse Manure
??Can't Stop The AvalancheFortnight
??CaramelThe Tale....
307CertainlyI Hate You
300China, Present Day (Inst.)Flame Cow
292Cinderella DreamFlame Cow
221CipherFistful of Blues
229ClassMonkey Eat Monkey
222Cockroach Crude (Inst.)Flame Cow
146CocoonLess Yackin'
??Cold LessonsCinema
??Come Home SoonFortnight
198CouragePronounced "Snausages"
168CoyoteLeast Significant Failures
136CradleLess Yackin'
90Crazy as a FoxCheckmate
238CreepsFlame Cow
180CricketDrive By
??Crooked Toolbox
205CruelLeast Significant Failures
287CrushFlame Cow
191Dafiofwa (Inst.)
111Dance With Me AnywayI Hate You
163DangerousSongs You Hate
151Dating Graveyard
190Daughter of Our EnemyGuitool
187Dead Man's BluesLeast Significant Failures
??DeepThe Tale....
299Deploy Flame Cow (Inst.)Flame Cow
294Deutscheland NookieFistful of Blues
139Do ItSperanza/WeathersTongue Meets Eyeball
39Do You Want It?Not!
112DollfaceSongs You Hate
120Don't Lean On MeRiver Dreams
68Don't Say GoodbyeCheckmate
108Don't Slam That DoorFistful of Blues
44Dreaming of a New DayRoque & Roll
89Dreams of Her (Inst.)
133DreamscapeFree Horse Manure
106Dunlichity Kirk (Inst.)Mayhugh/WeathersSunhouse Branch
285EclipseFlame Cow
311Edie (Inst.)I Hate You
22EllenAs Rome Burns
169Empress Hisiya's Finger Energy Theme (Inst.)
??The Enigma of Kaspar HauserMayhugh/WeathersCinema
115Essence of My TimeSongs You Hate
293EverythingFlame Cow
82EyesSeparate Ways
314Fall On MeLeast Significant Failures
174Falling HardI Hate You
239Fanfare For Glenn's Ferry (Inst.)Monkey Eat Monkey
2FeelingsFree Horse Manure
291FireFlame Cow
45Fire and IceRoque & Roll
52Forever FreeSeparate Ways
??Forget the SorrowHaardvark
298GarbageWeathers/WicklundI Hate You
207Gasoline (Inst.)
59GemSeparate Ways
??Get You DirtyHaardvark
73Give Me YouCheckmate
162Give Them What They WantDrive By
??Glass HeartedCinema
??Goodbye, DreamLeast Significant Failures
85Great Expectations
275Grip of the PeteSperanza/WeathersMonkey Eat Monkey
118GuaranteesWalsh/WeathersAs Rome Burns
65GuideDrive By
??Heart of GlassMayhugh/WeathersCinema
242Heart of ItI Hate You
12HSJ (Inst.)Preheim/Weathers
256I Am the MoonLeast Significant Failures
155I Can Make You Happy
272I Can't Have TwoO'Meara/Weathers Fistful of Blues
??I Don't Fear It AnymoreFortnight
??I Got It RightThe Tale....
158I Must Protect YouDrive By
??I Now Present (Inst.) The Tale....
113I Still Need YouAs Rome Burns
46I Want You NowNot!
??I Want You Back
9I Was There, It Just Wasn't FunnyO'Meara/WeathersMonkey Eat Monkey
??I Will Be ThereHaardvark
124I Won't BiteAs Rome Burns
257I Won't Miss You
157I Won't QuitLeast Significant Failures
253If You Had My EyesFlame Cow
226Ilocabro (Inst.)River Dreams
??I'll Never Be Far From Your SideThe Tale....
154I'm Just Looking for the PaperFree Horse Manure
150In Line
??It Can't Rain Every DayLeast Significant Failures
1It Don't Come Easy
11Jamming (Inst.)Preheim/Weathers
??June 16, 2001 (Inst.)The Tale....
178Just Like MeDrive By
??Kaspar HauserCinema
??Kaspar Hauser 2Cinema
160KittenI Hate You
228Large-Animal Veterinarian BluesTongue
220Leave Me BeSongs You Hate
??Lessons in DarknessMayhugh/WeathersCinema
??Like You DoHaardvark
27ListenRoque & Roll
241Little America (Inst.)
98A Little Bit BackAs Rome Burns
17Little Miss NYCSongs You Hate
86Loch Ness (Inst.)Checkmate
126LonelinessAs Rome Burns
36Long and Lanky Laura
268LostLeast Significant Failures
63Love in the Middle of Nowhere
283Love is a SecretFlame Cow
??Love Is All The GoldFortnight
262Love is PaperRiver Dreams
273Love Me
??Love Sweet LoveHaardvark
243Love Tears BearsMonkey Eat Monkey
51Lovely RachelSeparate Ways
161LuckDrive By
197Luck With YouPronounced "Snausages"
??Lucky ManFortnight
164Lunacy Will Keep Me WarmDrive By
170Lying DownDrive By
276MMonkey Eat Monkey
??The Machine (Inst) Speranza/WeathersFree Horse Manure
125Mad About YouLeast Significant Failures
179Magic BoxDrive By
182Make Still Your WingsLeast Significant Failures
55Make Up Your MindSeparate Ways
177Making FriesDrive By
129Mama EarthFree Horse Manure
216Man in the MoonGuitool
3Man in the ShadowsSeparate Ways
313Memorial (Inst.)I Hate You
15Met Her Through a Friend
234Million ValentinesArchaeology
26Missing YouRoque & Roll
19MoonlightRoque & Roll
286Movie Movie GirlI Hate You
??My Every Dream's Come TrueLeast Significant Failures
37My Fair Lady
20My Little Ray of SunshineRoque & Roll
147My Princess
236My SweetSeñor Squeaky
134N'Deivi Blue Sand (Inst.)
295NeedI Hate You
267NeglectRiver Dreams
??Neon GirlMayhugh/WeathersSunhouse Branch
156A New Love Who Won't Beat Me UpDrive By
61Night RainSeparate Ways
279No One CouldLeast Significant Failures
263No One Is AloneRiver Dreams
196No RegretsPronounced "Snausages"
159Non-Stop Lovely Good TimeDrive By
??Northern StarCinema
84Not At AllSeparate Ways
230Nothing But a SongSongs You Hate
166Nowadays, She Fences (Inst.)
??NumbThe Tale....
83October AirSongs You Hate
119Ode to Keri
144Old RosesLess Yackin'
41Once Around the BlockRoque & Roll
194Once Upon a TimePronounced "Snausages"
183One After the Other
77One More AngelCheckmate
306One Will Win YouLeast Significant Failures
246Open UpLeast Significant Failures
217Opposite is True
248Ordinary GuyArchaeology
303Oui, Je Sais2x3<4
7OverboardRoque & Roll
13Ow! (Inst.)Walsh/Weathers
265Passing ThroughSongs You Hate
289PatienceFlame Cow
104Peace's BaneMayhugh/WeathersSunhouse Branch
??Peach CiderMayhugh/WeathersSunhouse Branch
69Percussion Construction (Inst.)Nome
??Perfect LoveHaardvark
??Personal Mythology/La Musique NaiveMayhugh/Cara, Hadley, Cody WeathersCinema
54Pink ShoesNot!
116Pretty OneLess Yackin'
181Pretty Things
214PuppyLeast Significant Failures
102Raggedy ManPronounced "Snausages"
269RainRiver Dreams
201Rain TodayPronounced "Snausages"
79Redhead TonightFistful of Blues
171Reyjavík Nude (Inst.)
260River DreamsRiver Dreams
114RoadsAs Rome Burns
312Road's End (Inst.)I Hate You
141Running AwaySongs You Hate
??Salad ShooterMayhugh/Speranza/WeathersSunhouse Branch
192Salt of the MemoryFlame Cow
261SarahRiver Dreams
103Savage Rhythm In Our HeartsMayhugh/WeathersSunhouse Branch
175A Scar on the Water (Inst.)
206ScaredLeast Significant Failures
310Scissors (Inst.)I Hate You
75Seize the DayRiver Dreams
18Send Me a Letter
24Send Me Your Heart
58Separate WaysSeparate Ways
53Seventeenth Floor Sunset (Inst.)Separate Ways
??Shark-Sad CirclesFortnight
173Sheriff Tracy (Inst.)
64She's Back In LoveGoff/Weathers
302She's the OneHelicopter
247Shiny DimesFlame Cow
215Short LegLeast Significant Failures
143Shy BirdsFree Horse Manure
48Skin of My TeethSeparate Ways
110Skulls of AngelsArchaeology
99SleepLess Yackin'
304Sleep With HimFree Horse Manure
8Slime BunniesFried/Preheim/WeathersTongue Meets Eyeball
244Small TimeGuitool
209Snow (Inst.)Tongue Meets Eyeball
185So Will ILeast Significant Failures
16Someone NewI Hate You
138Something OutLeast Significant Failures
189Sonja's SonClapping Sold Separately
271SorryFlame Cow
??The Sound My Heart MakesLeast Significant Failures
280SpellMonkey Eat Monkey
203Spider ManPronounced "Snausages"
94Spider's WebNot!
255StandingTongue Meets Eyeball
81Starry Eyes
264StayI Hate You
66Sticks and StonesFree Horse Manure
6Struggle to the Top
167Sudden RealizationFree Horse Manure
47Sweat and BloodSeparate Ways
92Sweet SueAs Rome Burns
107Sylvan WisdomMayhugh/WeathersSunhouse Branch
49Take Care of YourselfSeparate Ways
21Teenage Crop
??Tell It to the SkyHaardvark
70Tell MeCheckmate
290That DressFlame Cow
88The City
62They Always LeaveCheckmate
199This OnceGuitool
??Through Dusty Towns On Wheels Of Fire (Inst.)The Tale....
225Thursday's FoolFlame Cow
91Time for Goodbye
28Time, Trouble, and ExpenseWalsh/WeathersRoque & Roll
308To Know Your Love AgainThe Tale....
123Too MuchSongs You Hate
57Top Jake
100Torn to Pieces
278TrainFree Horse Manure
176The Trouble With HeartsDrive By
232Twenty MilesArchaeology
223Two DesperadosGuitool
277Two Make OneMayhugh/Speranza/WeathersMonkey Eat Monkey
??Two RingsThe Tale....
213Ugly American String Quartet (Inst.)River Dreams
240Underneath My SkinLeast Significant Failures
200Up to HerPronounced "Snausages"
??VaunneThe Tale....
93Velvet WomanCheckmate
245A Very Clever Bird
131Vianwidra (Inst.)
67WallsAs Rome Burns
25Wandering Eye
266WardrobeLeast Significant Failures
305Water Drowns Men at Any DepthHaardvark
301We Need To Get This Into Space (Inst.)
288WhenLeast Significant Failures
50Who Am I?Separate Ways
23Why Should I FlyGoff/WeathersSunhouse Branch
??Wings to CarveMayhugh/WeathersSunhouse Branch
132Winter HeatLess Yackin'
135Winter Wind
254Wish You Were HereArchaeology
78With You Now
117Without You
??Worth My WeightFortnight
??Wrath of GodMayhugh/WeathersCinema
145You Can Stop HidingI Hate You
258You Can WaitArchaeology
219You Could Be the OneFree Horse Manure
4You Didn't Have To Put My Life Away
40Youth of TomorrowRoque & Roll