Cody Weathers

Music so hip you'll need a bigger belt

Other Bands 


Other bands featuring Cody in some nebulous capacity.



The Brothers Three (power layer pop)

Producer, songwriter.  Features (L-R) Ynkwar (clever one), Hutwar (handsome one), Guntar (strong one).  Reykjavik's answer to The Spice Girls. "We all sing together, but not in harmony --kind of like Bananarama."


Jiffle Baf't'bak (power jazz-pop)

Producer, songwriter.  Features (L-R) Ray Chapper (drums), Chad Purple (guitar/pno), Kip Crabby (bass/vocals).


Fingernail Factory (power pop)

Producer, songwriter.  Features (L-R) At-at LeRoux (percussion), Porter Patrick (voc/bass), Meg Hostetter (guitar).


The Executioners (hyperserial/pastische punk)

Producer, songwriter.  Features (L-R) Noose (bass/samples), Firing Squad (drums), Lethal Injection (vocals), Pigeons (guitar).  The surprise hit of the 1997 Checkmate Exemplathon in Glenn's Ferry, ID. In pre-production for their debut Checkmate release, h_ngm_n.


Farm Sister (speech rock)

Producer, songwriter.  Features (L-R) Spider-G (vocals/samples), Beth (drums/vocals), Naomi (guitar/bass).


Dr. Lee Garrett's Supreme All-Stars of the Free Universe (experimental chamber rock)

Producer, composer, percussion, vocals, guitar.  Features (L-R) Dr. Lee Garrett (whooping), Robert McIntosh (perc/pno), Cody, Aliyih Conway (vocals), Joel Pietsch (piano, enforcement), Renee Mungas (flute).


Shadows (hard rock 1993)

Drums, backing vocals.  Entire album available free, track by track on garageband.  Scott Farr (voc/guitar), Dan Langhoff (voc/guitar), Neil MacPherson (keyboards, voc), with John Speranza (bass), Cody (drums, bu voc), Dave Potts (bu voc, guitar).  








Quintessential (jazz combo 1992)

Drums.  Features Tim Sax (sax), Jill Zanger (piano), Robert McIntosh (percussion), Jay ?? (upright bass), Cody (drums).  Not pictured Amy Norton (flute), Aliyih Conway (vocals). 


AM Blues Band (blues 1998-99)

Drums, backup vocals.  Featuring (L-R) Larry LaMette (bass, vocals), Big John Douglas (guitar, vocals), Cody, and Ron Feldman (guitar, vocals)
Barry Shapiro

Producer, drums, bass, keyboards, bu vocals on Barry's 2000 release: In Remission.


Dave Potts

Percussion on Dave's 1995 release, Stepping Stones.


Yvonne Doll

Scat vocals on Drink It Down on Yvonne's 1996 release, Bliss.
Live Bait (blues rock 1996-97)

Djembe, drums, backing vocals.  Features Pete Vincelette (voc/guitar), John Speranza (bass)
Jonathan Aebischer (singer-songwriter 2001)

Producer, drums. 
Lone Pine Motel (alternative rock 2004)

Producer, drums, backing vocals.  Alex Arrowsmith (vocals, guitar, bass), Mayhaw Hoons (vocals, bass, guitar), Tyler ?? (guitar)

Craig's Band (now known coincidentally as Flip Buckle) (funk-rock 2005) 

Drums, backup vocals.