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January 2012:
"Mad About You" featured as one of 14 songs on Your Indie Music's Portland Music Hour, alongside an impressive array of other artists such as Acoustic Minds & Courtney Jones.
December 2011:
Cody featured at his articulate nerdy best on the first Portland episode of Mobile Micro Shows.
November 2011:
Cody performs "It Can't Rain Every Day" solo on the "Live From The Yellow Room" video blog to the amusement and delight of host Peter Rodocker.
October 2011:
The "oft-updated" Torch & Bacon Blog has been moved to a new home which should be free of sudden going-out-of-businesses and pesky flash malware! A victory for computers everywhere!
September 2011:
The next few months will see some special guests filling in as the regular Men Your Mama Warned You About juggle some hectic, extra-debaucherous schedules. Join us for a virtual murderers row of borrowed sculliwag, and don't say we didn't warn ya. The likes of Scott Brockett, Jonathan Chase, and Will Kane, to name a few.
July 2011:
Now responsibly tweeting in a non-invasive, moderately-timed manner @CodyWeathers.
March 2011:
Take a moment and nominate us for the PDX Pop Now Festival --requires no registration or catch on your part & takes just a few seconds.
February 2011:
We cracked the top-20 local rock charts for ReverbNation. Conclusion: those charts have been drinking.
January 2011:
The Oregonian Five Live column & blog recommends Cody & The Men Your Mama Warned You About as one of five preferred family-friendly activities for the weekend of 1/22/11"...suitable for children and mildly immature adults..."
December 2010:
Posted a new holiday mpFREE of "Jingle Bells" featuring the whole band.
September 2010:
Welcomed aboard the latest Man Your Mama Warned You About: lead guitarist Steve Quintana. Posted new mpFREEs of "Catnip" and "At First Sight" from EthosLive performance, as well as a new demo of "Puppy," featuring the Men.
August 2010:
Posted new mpFREE for live version of "I Am The Moon" recorded by Cody & The Men Your Mama Warned You About at the Knife Shop (download from within Cody Weathers widget on mp3 page). Posted new videosfor "Little Miss NYC," "Dead Man's Blues," and "Leave Me Be" over old Frumples pictures efforts.
July 2010:
Revisedmp3 page contains easy listen/download widgets for different bands
May 2010:
Cody & The Men appear on EthosLive TV show. New videos posted from that appearance.
April 2010:
Tim Krajcar remasters Hrdvrk. New videos posted from recent shows at The Flip Side and Dublin Pub (featuring special guest lead guitarist David Ingram). New mpFREE posted for "October Air" (I Love You, Helicopter version)
February 2010:
Cody & The Men Your Mama Warned You About complete a new 18-song live album, Mama Done Warned Ya.
February 2010:
Cody posted a new smarmy article about the necessity of open stages to his blog. Read it or link to it from the Articles tab.
January 2010:
Blogger/columnist Tim Moon of the Vancouver Voice features an interview with Cody in his wide-ranging Talk With Tim talk show blog.
January 2010
TheLSF version of "Mad About You" and the Hrdvrk version of "Get You Dirty" were featured on separate episodes of the Stuart Bedasso Show (1/24 and 1/3, respectively). This is a Rochester-based podcast that devotes equal time to independent music and sex-toy reviews, so you know their endorsement means these songs must be extra-titillating! Both songs are free to download on the mp3 tab.
January 2010
Somehow, the live video of "Mad About You" has gone --well, not quite "viral," how about "sniffle"-- with 180+ hits in its first 4 days.We feel inappropriately awesome, but it's probably a trick. Hit that link!
Also, check out the video tab for the brand new "Theatrical" musical video of "Mad About You" featuring Cody's daughters and a stuffed orangutan! Best orangutan film since "Any Which Way You Can" raves... me, I guess!
And that's not all. Couldn't make it out to the Goodfoot set by Cody & The Men Your Mama Warned You About? Never fear: the internet is your time machine. Also on the video tab, check out the new "Lunch Break" playlist of the entire 4-song set. If that doesn't spell awsum, then I don't know how to spell!
December 2009 --Mama Warned Ya
It seemed likeCody ought to probably switch to one of those "Cody Weathers & the ___________s" names if he was going to rely so heavily upon the improvisational talents of bassist Tim Krajcar and percussionist Evan Whitacre in his return to acoustic gigging. After soliciting input from the public, the totally rigged (but absolutely deserving) winner is:
Cody Weathers & The Men Your Mama Warned You About
Check out a couple of newly-posted unplugged videos of the trio on the videos tab ("Listen," "No One Could").
December 2009 --'Tis That Season
Help yourself to three Holiday favorites on the mp3 tab: "Joy to the World," "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," and "12 Days of Christmas." No, no, Mr. ASCAP man, you go back to law school; those are public domain!
November 2009 --Limited time free shipping on merchandise
Now through Sunday 11/22, get free shipping on orders over $35 at zazzle with coupon code MICKEY81BDAY. And if you send me a picture of you with your loot (which I will not repost), I'll send you a coupon code to download Least Significant Failures from CDBaby for free as a thank you.
October 2009 --LSF and Flame Cow downloads only $5 for a limited time
For the rest of 2009, we've lowered the CDBaby mp3 download price for the complete 31-song double album Least Significant Failures and the 27-song double album Flame Cow: Original Motion picture Soundtrack to $5 each.
October 2009 --Cody wants to be on your iPod
Check out the mp3 tab for all the free goodies you could ever want, including a newly-posted UFO Catcher track "Like You Do." Seriously, there's like 50 free songs on there.
September 2009 --October gigs booked
Don't jinx it by talking about it or anything, but take a look at the calendar tab.
July 2009 --Hrdvrk mixed, mpFrees posted
Because that's how we roll: no new albums for 4 years followed by 2 albums mixed in the span of a week. Hrdvrk is finally mixed, but its release will be delayed to allow for the completion of the booklet and duplication of the discs. Man, that's some uncharacteristically dry copy. Check out two new mpFrees on the UFO Catcher page ("Perfect Love" and "Get You Dirty") while I go watch a Danny Kaye marathon and get my silly back on.
July 2009 --Cinema finally released for FREE
Lest we be known as the website that cried "Cinema," we assure you that Sunhouse Branch's latest opus is indeed complete and currently available for absolutely free as a track-by-track mp3 download or complete-album podcast off its album page on this site. Yay, us!
July 2009 --Half off one price, anyway
CDBaby has just introduced a la carte mp3 sales, and as of right now, we've lowered the per-track cost for all songs off both Least Significant Failures and Flame Cow: Original Motion picture Soundtrack to an astonishing .50/ea. Spectacular is as spectacular does, I always say. But honestly, if you want to buy just one song off LSF, first check our mp3 page (since we are giving almost half the album away for free), then check AmieStreet, because it's probably around .30. I shouldn't tell you this because a.) this announcement went from crisp and snappy to long and complicated like a freakin' pharmacy ad on TV and b.) we don't get paid as much from AmieStreet. Anyhoo, ask your doctor if a la carte tracks for under $1are right for you!
June 2009 --Who's your daddy?
Through Father's Day 6/21/09 get 20% off all items at our zazzle merchandise store when you use coupon code FATHERSDAY20 at checkout. Let me tell you something --the UFO Catcher Hrdvrk stuff is awesome with a capital "O." This Gd Lstnr shirt is just $15.95:
June 2009 --Additional new-fangled ways to completely ignore the old albums now available!!!!
Several old UFO Catcher/Flip Nasty/ROQUE albums have recently been posted to as $5 downloads. Check out fan faves Guitool, Clapping Sold Separately, Fortnight, and Less Yackin' More Snackin'. Not sold in stores because stores are for squares. C'mon hipster, do your thing.
May 2009 --You don't own the album, but the mug is cooler
A variety of Cody-related merchandise is now available at Many of the items contain appropriately-smarmy captions for the discerning netizen. Our top recommendations:
  • Another Day, Another Failure mug $12.95
  • Seriously, He's Kind of Good LSF shirt $15.95
  • Old Enough to Dream, Young Enough to Foolishly Believe LSF kids' shirt $14.95
  • Certainly Not The Worst Thing I've Ever Heard bumper sticker $3.95
  • Keys to Failure keychain $2.95
  • Least Significant Disappointing Birthday Card $2.95
  • Gd Lstnr Hrdvrk t-shirt $15.95
  • Htt Hrdvrk t-shirt (women's) $25.95
  • Lks lke I'm ls hd f r rs Hrdvrk bumper sticker $3.95
April 2009--Hrdvrk down to lead guitars
Basic tracks for UFO Catcher's new album, Hrdvrk are around 75% complete. The bulk of the remaining recording is lead and solo guitar work for the 16 primary tracks and 2 alternates. This album will have a harder, more riff-oriented sound than Cody's solo acoustic work, but will still fit within the unique jazz-rock foundation of his overall writing oeuvre. Lyrically, the new material delves into the spiritual parabolae of elation and despair and ponders "what the light reveals." The cover art was designed by New York mixed-media artist and longtime friend, Cat Mayhugh. Believe, dude.

April 2009--Cinema nears completion for months on end
The long-awaited followup to "The Top Secret Band That's So Secret That The Members Don't Even Know That They're In The Band" that's so long-awaited that the audience forgot what they even were waiting so long for is nearing completion for the 28th consecutive month. The album will be a highly-structured concept album pivoted about a mirrored hard-rock song cycle based on selected films by Werner Herzog. All songs will be in odd- or mixed-meter and employ direct metronomic shifts liberally. They are arranged to segue in two unbroken blocks (plus three standalone songs), moving immediately from one song to the next without pause. But the smarmy self-importance and unbridled snootery doesn't stop there! The final holdup to release is the finale, "Personal Mythology/La Musique Nave," which requires a Stockhausenesque stitching of hours of unstructured musical play between a 2- and 4-year old into a semi-coherent web of structured sound. Sure to be the greatest undiscovery ofsummer 2009. Don't look for it in stores --secret albums such as these require the sneakiest brand of consumerism by only the dedicated purchaser.

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