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As Rome Burns (c.1991)
Denver's original nerd-rock band, precursor to Flip Nasty.  Formed by Cody Weathers and John Fried in 1988, with Nick Walsh, Colby Goff and Matt Preheim as the other original members.  See, when we were in high school, this is how it was: Metallica, AC/DC, Motley Crue, Def Lepard, Ratt, Poison, Whitesnake.  Are you picking up what I'm putting down?  We were on the cutting edge, and we were derided, criticized, and teased (and I ain't talkin' hair).  Yeah?  Well who's laughing now?!  OK, still Bon Jovi.  They still laugh.  But not quite so heartily....  I see your point, yet I do not acknowledge it in my heart.  Which is a little bit broken.  From your spite.


Members: (clockwise from L)


Cody Weathers: Lead Vocals, Drums

John Fried: Bass

John Speranza: Rhythm & Lead Guitar

Matt Preheim: Keyboards

Nick Walsh: Lead & Rhythm Guitar


(not pictured)

Neil MacPherson: Keyboards '92 (Less Yackin', Beating)

Colby Goff: Rhythm Guitar '89-'90 (through Checkmate)


Album List:


  • How About A Beating? (Live CD '92)
  • Less Yackin', More Snackin' (CD '92) ($5 mp3 download)
  • As Rome Burns (CD '92)
  • Not! (CD '91)
  • Checkmate (CD '91)
  • Separate Ways (CD '90)
  • Roque and Roll (CD '89) 
  • Less Yackin More Snackin (c.1992)



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