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Checkmate Sampler: Tongue Meets Eyeball (CD Sampler, 2000)






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The Songs

DeepUFO Catcher
The Absinthe DrinkersSunhouse Branch
Round the BendThe Stunt Beatles
Something OutJiffle Baf't'Bak
Don't Slam That DoorLeaky Joe
Slime Bunnies (live)The Executioners
WhenFlip Nasty
Late Last NightBarry Shapiro
Large-Animal Veterinarian Blues (live)Dr. Lee Garrett's Supreme All-Stars of the Free Universe
StandingThe Brothers Three
SleepFingernail Factory
Future Farmers of America (live)Farm Sister
Do It (live)Leaky Joe
2x3<4The Stunt Beatles
One Will Win YouSunhouse Branch
China, Present Day/Leave Me Be (live)Flip Nasty


all songs written and arranged by someone special(c)(p)2001, Cody Weathers, all rights reserved except Late Last Night (c)(p)Barry Shapiro, included with permission and Primrose (c)(p)Eric Rorem, included with permission.  No stealing the worthless material, OK?

Additional MP3 Singles:

Don't Hate the Players: 

Nuffin "Snow" performed by 

Joel Pietsch 2000 (tm) Mayhugh Cybernetics


Leaky Joe Ensemble:

Leaky Joe (lead voc, guitar), Eric Rorem (bass), Ron Feldman (lead guitar), Grumbler Mason (drums)



Eric Rorem (vocals, bass), Cody Weathers (piano, drums)


Fingernail Factory:

At-At Leroux: percussion, Porter Patrick: lead voc, bass, Meg Hostetter: guitar


Jiffle Baf T’Bak:

Ray Chapper: drums/percussion, Chad Purple: guitar/pno/BU voc, Kip Crabby: lead vocals, bass


The Brothers Three:

Ynkwar: Clever One, Hutwor: Handsome One, Guntor: Strong One

Dr. Lee Garrett’s Supreme All-Stars of the  Free Universe: Dr. Lee Garrett (whooping), Robert McIntosh (perc/pno), Cody Weathers (voc/perc/guitar), Aliyih Conway (vocals), Joel Pietsch (piano, enforcement), Renee Mungas (flute)


The Executioners:

Noose: bass/samples, Firing Squad: percussion/vocals, Lethal Injection: vocals, Pigeons: guitars


Farm Sister:

Spider-G: lead voc/samples, Beth: drums/voc, Naomi: guitars/basses


Flip Nasty:

Cody Weathers: Vocals, Drums, Guitar, John Speranza: Guitar, John Fried: Bass, Kevin Ozias: Live Drums


Sunhouse Branch: Blaise Joule (Vocals, Guitar), Cecelia Valentine (Keys, Guitar, Vocals), Elementary Penguin (Drums), John Fried 2000 (Bass, Vocals)


The Stunt Beatles: Cody Weathers (percussion, vocals), Larry Elwood (bass), Hal Mortenson (vocals/guitar)


UFO Catcher:

Vaunne Weathers (participation), Cody Weathers (vocal/guitar/keys/bass/drums)




    Liner Notes


    4/4/00: Count me among those who saw it happen. Three years after the first annual Checkmate Records Exemplathon festival, I once again found myself sitting on the spare tire in the back of the battered and faithful Flip Nasty minivan, in itself a metaphor for the ever-dwindling non-poser fanbase of this last, great supergroup of the modern era. I, too, had endured the taunts and jibes of the unwashed as oasis after oasis dried up and turned hostile to the music I loved, and even record store clerks became brazen in their insulting tone. "You like nerd rock? Nerd Fever, dude!" Yet I, and thousands -if not dozens-- of others persist in the knowledge that these guys f*@&ing rock! I met my wife, Carmen, at a Flip Nasty gig, and I could tell from her pure blank enrapt face that I had found my nerdy soulmate. Let's see Kid Rock do that! But the hostility had taken its toll on the multi-millionaire bandmembers. Slow sales of their greatest opus, Flame Cow, weighed heavy on their minds and a series of harassing photocopy ass faxes from Mariah Carey seeped paranoia into frontman Cody Weathers' normally-nearly-tolerable driving banter. As bassist John Fried toyed idly with the bones of his enemies, guitarist John Speranza inadvertently began the tempest.

    Chaos theory .They say a butterfly flapping its wings in Anchorage can cause a rainstorm in London. Or an oversleeping accountant can give Monica Lewinsky the flu. Or a guitarist calling a drummer a "slow- driving broom- f*@#er" can cause a backstage fistfight in Red Desert, Wyoming.

    Red Desert is the kind of town those of us who dream in glitter and fuzz pedals get downright excited about. I'm not sure if anybody lives there, but it oozes rock and roll from every rotted fencepost. I've been fortunate enough to attend each of the annual festivals, but even I could feel the extra electricity in the air. I settled back and made sure I had enough zinc oxide and lighter fluid to last and waited expectantly for the opening band.

    The Checkmate artist stable is an incredibly diverse group of niche bands that are widely misunderstood or else understood but not liked. The Exemplathon serves as a showcase for the future of music as well as a clever marketing tool to -at a cost of mere millions of dollars-- tap into the largely-neglected record- buying populations of extremely small towns. Kids and dreamless mechanics in need of nerd rock. In need of hyperserialist pastische punks, The Executioners, in need of fake jazz/neo-pop trio Jiffle Baf't'bak ("Jailed for love but also for throwing bottles at kids"), in need of whatever Fingernail Factory represents, in need of the top secret band that's so secret that the members don't even know that they're in the band, Sunhouse Branch, in need of smooth-nerding by The Stunt Beatles, in need of Seattle progressive grouchy bluesman Leaky Joe, in need of nouveau-happeners Dr. Lee Garrett's Supreme All-Stars of the Free Universe, in need of EZluvR, of Farm Sister, of Cisco Records guest star Barry Shapiro, and in need of the grand-daddy of them all, Flip Nasty. Yes, the world needs Flip Nasty .The world needs this butterfly to flap its wings and keep us rained-on and satisfied. I considered the roster and smirked, knowing that Red Desert was about to get its ass soundly kicked by rock and roll.

    Meanwhile, backstage, Cody Weathers was getting his ass soundly kicked by John Speranza.

    Feeling that the band had stagnated, feeling that the camraderie of these childhood friends had evaporated, feeling that Weathers took too much credit, feeling that Weathers had been silently farting since Fort Collins, the fireplug guitarist lashed out and --pulling Weathers' jersey over his swollen head--lay into him with a volley of fists and epithets that clung like a heavy particulate fog to the farmland for miles. Finally pulled off the helpless nerd by Akari Fried, Speranza quickly announced that he wanted out. Surprisingly, Weathers shook his hand and announced that he had been thinking about moving to Buffalo to start a new nerd scene. It was there, with only minutes to spare before their set, that the members of Flip Nasty decided to go on what Checkmate Record Executives would soon call a "hiatus." And consider the impact on the environment: while Weathers formed UFO Catcher with fellow participant Vaunne Ma, Speranza rode the rails of his hobo dream, and Fried returned to his alter-ego, Danger Artist 15, the American West was plagued by one of the driest, fire-crazy summers on record and Buffalo, NY recorded nearly twice their normal rainfall. Chaos Theory .




    UFO Catcher: Deep: CH: Deep, deep, way down deep. I know you can melt me. I know you've got heat. You must be inside me, 'cause I'm burning deep. CH. I've been full of winter. I've been lost in a dead, cold sleep. You're my infant summer, and I'm thawing deep. CH. Bridge: And it's a fine, fine line that we walk sometimes between fire and a scar, but with your heart beats mine 'til the end of time and I'm reaching, reaching far.... CH. I am hot as embers. I am hot as steam. I must really love you 'cause my coal is deep.


    Sunhouse Branch: The Absinthe Drinkers: Here we are in this condition --vacant, sprawling careless town. Drinking out of mason jars. Streetlamps, yellow painted stars. CH: Wormroot tongue and restless stupor. Restless says "I'm all used up." Shadows I, I wish I were. Coffee brown says sober up. Green fields are more pleasant beds and clear, blue skies more gentle jails. I lifted more a thousand cups, sat drunk, confused in garden's veils. I wished my heart weren't parched, dizzy in the garden. Wished it wouldn't shrivel, wished it wouldn't harden. CH. We lay down soft, just me and Heather, all the clouds up whisking high. I was feeling dense and clever --will I shrivel, will I die? CH. Another small, another splash, another drop falls down. Thought and motion, darkest ocean, green-lit potion town.

    The Stunt Beatles: Round The Bend: He rode alone, high on a mountain. She rode alone, down in the valley. It's been a long time ago --she was a rodeo queen and he fought the broncos. And surprise! did they know, as their horses rode alone right round the bend. They sat down and had time to drink. Together they sat down and had time to think. "It's been a long time, Isabella. Thought by now, you'd have had yourself a fella." She said, "Well now, my friend, I will love you 'til the end, that's in the stars. Well now, my friend, I will love you 'til the end, I'll be your sun." It's been almost 15 years since he's seen her eyes. Oh, he longed to hold her once, just to see her heart, to make a brand new start. Well, by now, this night had to end. So together they rode out round the bend. Horse and horse, a woman and a man. Together they rode, right round the bend. And the stars led their way, and their love is here to stay, here round the bend.


    Jiffle Baf't'Bak: Something Out: If I could have the wisdom to know when my mouth runs away, I'd be a better man to fight your pain --if I knew what I should say. If I could have the courage to let a spark grow into flame I'd be a warmer man beneath the stars by a fire that lasts the rain. CH: Haunt me, hook me, overlook me, throw my heart a bone. I miss you when you're gone, so why can't we work something out? If I could have the tick-tocks to work the knot out of this cord, I'd be a better man who knew you well, but time I can't afford. I must confess impatience has cost me more than I could pay. Were I a better man, I'd read your mind, but I fear I've lost the way. CH. Haunt me, hook me, overlook me. How much time is there anyway?


    Leaky Joe: Don't Slam That Door: Dearest stranger, I so hate to be ignored. Avoid me now and you avoid me forever more. Is there no light in here? Why must it be so dark? Are you so frigid within your heart of hearts? Chorus: Don't slam that door on me or I will kill your memory. I'll poison it slowly. Claw at my heart forever. So don't slam that door on me --open this f***ing door! Meuma Mona Lisa, why do you smile at me that way. Is there some magic in your mischief for today? I don't understand it, but I try to play along, but even all my friendly words are nothing short of wrong. ChorusII: Don't slam that door on me or I will kill your memory. I'll poison it slowly. Cross my heart if you hope to die. So don't slam that door on me --open this f***ing door! Dearest judge and jury, I so hate to be on trial, but I will keep my patience for just a little while. Your soft eyes try to kill me every time I look at you. I guess I should abandon ship, but I've got nothing better to do.

    The Executioners: Slime Bunnies (live): We are still in the land of reverse! Slime Bunnies from hell, they came from the abyss and boy did they smell, they were slime bunnies from hell. Hop bunny bunny go jump go bunny bunny hop. Me loves bunny but kill but bunny loves me. CH: Slime Bunnies from hell. Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bunny. Slime Bunnies from hell. Wasn't very fuzzy, was he? Bunny bunny birthday, bunny bunny good time. Little Bunny Foo-Foo hopping through the forest, picking up the field mice and bopping them on the head. CH. It's my birthday too, yeah. Kiw de wabbit!


    Flip Nasty: When: Yes, I would f*** you for days in a windowless, steamy room, reveling in the salmon and brine of you, ordering pizza and Chinese food until the bank man came and cut my hand off, covering you with chocolate, licking the sweat from your thighs, burying my sadness in your lollipop eyes. Fall into my fat arms, take me out and shoot me by the car. It's who you are. Chorus: When will you be my girl, when will you belong to me. Yes, I hunger for your lanky frame and the sexy thrust-slouch of your deep smooth hips all over me like a blanket of paws. If you don't see me soon, don't you think you will explode? Sneaky me, I knit you a mask, and I ask you to dance and dance and dance. Sexy you, you left the love ray on, and I'm falling in as I write my song. Fall into my fat arms, pull me back, and kill me with a look. You wrote the book. Chorus. I'm in panic; you were just seen laughing. I'll be fine if I can just stop bleeding. Yes, I would weasel my way to the bed that ties you down. Shanghai me, soft and enslaved by a love that never drowns, swabbing the decks for your sharking crew --all you redhead pirates, buccaneers, you. Saving you from danger on the burning ship, tasting love's cool language on your popsicle lips.


    Nuffin: Snow: Instrumental


    EZluvR: Primrose: The scent of my love is Primrose. The touch of my love stirs a fire. The smile of my love reminds me of the first time our lips became one. CH: Precious, you are to me everything. Primrose, to me always everything. You make me whole. You and I together - -the knitting of our souls. My life is filled by you. I vow to our vows, I'll be true. In our twilight, behold a shared heart growing old --in heaven, I'll hold you still. CH. You may look nothing like the sun, my midnight, my soft sweet dove. With eyes that outshine the moon, complete me beautifully, you do. : Precious, you are to me everything. Primrose, to me always everything. I cry from my heart may our end never start.


    Barry Shapiro: Late Last Night: Went out late last night, what did I see? Two hundred women turned away from me. I noticed their gaze was turned to men with hair slicked tight. During the day on Wall Street, in the evening, they spent the night. Versace Guess and Bauer were the garments that they'd wear. Smoking stogs and cognac, turned away, they didn't care. Approached a pretty woman and asked her for a dance, she said "you must be joking, man: you haven't got a chance." The men I thought she liked weren't that at all: they were the nose-ringed women standing by the wall. Now I must go back to the place where I come from. It is a blace of heterosexuality type of fun. (visit special guest star Barry Shapiro on the world wide web at

    Dr. Lee Garrett's Supreme All-Stars of the Free Universe: Large-Animal Veterinarian Blues: You never told me. You never loved me. You never stopped me. You never told me. Goodbye.


    The Brothers Three: Standing: Smell their horses on the wind down from the hills? Soon, these bridges built for commerce will betray you to the piracy and parasites of pending snow. You cannot weather this alone. Hide your daughter, bring your rusty rifle down, put your money in the mattress, put the mattress in the ground --it is time for you to make a stand: will you survive or stand alone. CH: I'm standing right beside you. Yeah, we'll do what we must do. Feel them pressing on the sun to push it down. Faith will bring a new morning. Like an ink of rats, they spread to cover every scrap of precious ground, still through the plague, I stick around. Smell the snap of smoke --the distant snap of lead. Let the blood like a river. With their anchor cut, the dawn is free, the morning and its eastern spread ignite the bodies of the dead. CH. No reason to return, no reason to hold on. Wait, there is just one. Hear her whisper "is it safe to come on out?" Sense the secret connection, feel the anger in your throat, you tie me up and drag me through the town then watch the river take me down. I wanted to belong here. Yeah, do what you gotta do.


    Fingernail Factory: Sleep: Put down reality, put down identity. Pick up the fantasy, sleep. Walk down the secret path, slow down --don't run so fast. Reach out and hold my hand, please. Drink from the hidden stream, don't be afraid to dream. Trust me -- I'm what I seem, sleep. Look through the broken glass. Dead blood, it dries so fast. Fall now and hear the last scream. Chorus: When you have nowhere left to turn, then turn to me. When you feel ice within your veins, I'll set you free. When you have no more strength to run, I will protect you. Sleep. Put down resistance, put down persistence. Turn to submission, sleep. Change what you cannot change, all else must stay the same. realize internal flame, dream. See through your blinded eyes, let go --be hypnotized. Broken hope, now realized, sleep. I hold the magic key. Come now, and carry me. Look deep and you will see your mind.


    Farm Sister: Future Farmers of America: Dear editor, I would like to know what kind of FFA we are running at Woodville High School. I was one of the many who stood by helplessly and watched an FFA student murder his pig at the Tyler county Fair in Texas. This is what I saw: (press through your grief) During the swine weigh-in, the student in front of me was told that his pig was several pounds light. this meant that he would not be able to show the pig unless it gained some weight in the next twenty minutes. The boy and four of his buddies took the pig over to the water hose and put the hose down the hog's throat. Water began to run out the pig's nose, and his eyes rolled back in his head. Oh, piggy! Water all out your nose! The boys then rolled the pig back over to be weighed again. The poor animal weighed ten pounds more than it had a few minutes earlier. Everyone was appalled that these boys were allowed to be so cruel and that the FFA teacher stood by and did nothing. I continued to watch this animal after they put it back in the pen. His hind legs were stiff and he was obviously suffering. The boy and his friends seemed unconcerned. Several people were outraged and told the boy his pig was about to die. He then be....OH PIGGY! He then became worried and started to squeeze the pig (He just drank ten pounds of water, right?) trying to get some of the water out (isn't a pint a pound? So like ten pints of water) His friends continued to laugh and joke. OH PIGGY!! The FFA teacher made no effort to help save the animal's life. The high school principal walked by and did nothing. Ten minutes later, the pig lay down and died. The boys carried him off and went on to enjoy the night. I can't believe that this was tolerated. I was stunned that the boy was allowed to continue to compete in the activities of the fair. To me, it was a prime example of why our children are the way they are: if the adults around them tolerate cruelty and are unconcerned, why should they be any different. Susan Lambright, Woodville, Texas.


    Leaky Joe: Do It (live): (Crank it) Buying on impulse some roses and courage then standing and wilting --I don't really know you. planning, rejecting, then planning all over --your dress in a heap on the floor in my mind. I'm trying to focus on noble intentions, but tensions are mounting --I don't really know you. Trying to recall what I said in the shower, rehearsed in the steam with the soap in my eyes. Chorus: Do it, fucking do it, rejection means you'll only have to do it again. Do it, fucking do it, acceptance means you'll never have to do it again. I don't understand you, I don't understand me. Do you understand you? This doesn't look good. Pacing and cursing, observing your habits, observing your boyfriend --this doesn't look good. Playing with curtains, you're just like a kitten, but kittens can scratch you and sometimes draw blood. Lying awake with a pain in my stomach, is this indigestion or am I in love?


    The Stunt Beatles: 2x3<4: Waitin' at the station, watchin trains go by, remembering us together, oh it makes me sigh! The pain's deep inside me, to the point I could die.No longer can hide it, it's coming outside. Chorus: Oh I've been, too long, too late, too short for fate to put me in the arms of the one I love! Yes I've been too long, too late, too short for fate to put me in the arms of the one I love! Wonder what you're thinking, oh I wonder if you care! Was it all one sided, did we ever share? Or was I so blinded, I just couldn't see, that there never was two dear, just foolish old me Chorus He's yelling all aboard now, I'm taking that train, the one that is leaving all of this pain. Way over yonder, where I can be free just to let go of you girl, and take care of me! Chorus. Ain't gonna be too long, aint gonna be too late, I know that I'm short but I know that fate will put me in the arms of the one I love, it'll put me in the arms of the one I love, oh it'll put me in the arms...... of the one I love!!!

    Sunhouse Branch: One Will Win You: She, the queen of Holland, will have need of an irregular American boy, a stranger seeking water, I will be her only guide. Watch as I presume her wonders one by one --her smart jokes in crude jars, her weeping heart wants food. CH: A dream we shared, a sign --they all will want you, one will win you. She, the mask of baubles, and behind her I have put my heart. A bottle for an endless thirst, I will fill her with the things I want. Watch, as I --the thief of dreams-- assume desire. I am her secret heroin, fixed butter-thick in dulcet veins.


    Flip Nasty: China, Present Day/Leave Me Be (live): Who's gonna cut me now your razor lips are gone? Maybe there's someone that you know.... I close my eyes and pray those sirens take me quickly. Who's gonna roast me nice and slow? CH: I know you think I'm nothing, but this is the one heart I can be. And you say "settle down: are you crazy? Listen up, understand you've got to leave me be." Leave me be. I went to the wishing well to throw my tin away. Whispered the willow on the way, "to chase a doe," she said, "means the doe is running. You're still a coyote to this day." CH I don't believe that fairies stole your heart or that that bite is from a passing shark. I think you really must have had to know.


    Flip Nasty: The Super-X-League Wonder Justice Friends: Who's gonna save me now that Superman is gone? Is there just one place I can go? I close my eyes and pray the monsters take me quickly. Who's gonna keep those fires low. The Super-X-League Wonder Justice Friends. Don't you wish you were like them? The Super-X-League Wonder Justice Friends: where are they now?

    Listening Log:

    With several full-length side projects recorded since Monkey Eat Monkey, and a total of 5 albums in concurrent release, I decided to put together another sampler to offer as a bonus for the brilliant "Price Packages" that have pretty much never been used on the website.


    Deep (UFO Catcher): This is the same version that's on "The Tale...." 


    The Absinthe Drinkers (Sunhouse Branch): Off of "The Top Secret Band...." 


    Round the Bend (The Stunt Beatles): Off of "2x3<4"


    Something Out (Jiffle Baf't'Bak): This was actually recorded (all instruments/programming/vocals) by Jason Kaneshiro, another composition major in my program.  We did a song swap as an exercise, where we each got nothing but a lead sheet (chords and melody) for a song we were otherwise unfamiliar with and thereby came up with a fresh take on it.  My half of the swap was his song, "Cynical One," which I might throw on a box set disc sometime.  Lots of interesting differences.  It helps to know that whereas my primary instrument is drums, Jason's is bass.  You can instantly hear the way that difference separates our approaches, where my vocals tend to be extremely syncopated, and his bass parts are much more fluidly improvised within the idiom.


    Don't Slam That Door (Leaky Joe): Off of "Fistful of Blues"


    Slime Bunnies (live) (The Executioners): The opening segment is the original recording of the original song, written and performed by Matt Preheim and myself for the Frumples Pictures "Family Ties" skit (combined with crowd noise from our 1991 Battle of the Bands appearance).  I subsequently arranged some parts (early on in ROQUE) for us to play, but --frankly-- those parts are lame.  This version is (after the intro) a semi-serialized arrangement specific to the Executioners.  The verse guitar part is the row, but the bass part is a rip-off of Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition.  I'm just lucky that the crowd noise loop settled on "You guys suck!" during the pause.  The fade includes Vaunne singing and trying not to crack up, and is obviously taken entirely from Elmer Fudd meets Wagner.  So there, hippity-hop.


    When (Flip Nasty): From Flame Cow.


    Primrose (EZluvR): Eric Rorem wrote this song, and he sings and plays bass here.  I play drums and piano, and helped arrange the song.


    Late Last Night (Barry Shapiro):  Barry was a regular player at the Abstract Cafe open stage that The Stunt Beatles hosted.  I suggested that he record a demo with me when I was first trying to get clients for my Checkmate Studios business.  I essentially produced the album (In Remission), and played many of the backing instruments (bass, djembe, agogo bells, and backing vocals on this track).  The whole project was a crash course into many of the realities of that market for me, from quick engineering to pricing and intervention.


    Large-Animal Veterinarian Blues (live) (Dr. Lee Garrett's Supreme All-Stars of the Free Universe): This was an extremely rough recording of a homework assignment I wrote for my modern theory class in college, being sight-read by members of the class, most of whom I can no longer identify.  The heavily-reverbed vocal is a 2000 overdub.  I know I'm playing guitar, Renee Mungas and Robert McIntosh are playing piano (Robert on the lower vamp, Renee on the higher part, which was actually written for flute), a guy named John is on upright bass.  This is an event-based piece, in the vein of the end of "Unwelcome," combining motifs of choice with responses and improvisation over a vamp.  In the middle, Professor Vincent McDermott moves the recorder into a different position.  I fade before the original end, which was a failed attempt to scat into the resonant cavity of the piano (failed because that particular upright piano didn't have a very good sostenuto).


    Standing (The Brothers Three): Written, but not considered for, Archaeology, this is thematically tied with those songs (burying the past).  I went back to the well alone, with a heavily-textured arrangement and three-part unison vocal.  I like this song, but it's not as good a recording as the original Brothers Three material.  This is a metaphor for betrayal despite an emotional debt to pay, played out in a story about a stranger who helps defend a small town from outlaws, only to be killed by the mayor of the town who is enraged to discover that the stranger had bedded his daughter.  That's right, bedded.


    Sleep (Fingernail Factory): This was another song swap, this time with songwriter Dave Potts, who also lent a guest vocal to the Monkey Eat Monkey recording of "No One Could."  This time, he recorded everything himself and just sent me the final mix.  Unlike the song swap with Jason, Dave already knew (and chose) this song.  It's still interesting to compare our approaches, though.


    Future Farmers of America (live) (Farm Sister): Man, I want to hit the next song button right now.  I included this just for posterity, but it definitely makes me cringe every time I hear it.  That's Michal Broadbent reading an actual letter to the editor during a Papaccino's gig as an installment of the ever-popular "Making Up Song Game."  You must remember, this was before the internet became the international trivial vomitorium we all now know and love, and finding something like this text was really more rare and worthy of commemorating back then (1994).  Nonetheless, the thing I desperately, desperately wish I could remove is everything I say during the course of the song.  If I would just shut my yap, quit interrupting her, cut the unit conversion class out, and limit the chorus to a sudden passionate outburst of "Oh, piggy!" this would actually be palatable, and maybe even funny (at least on first listen) the way it is when Fried hits the 500 Miles chorus on The Bootleg Nobody Else Would Make.  Also, the artistic focus of this song has ironically shifted from how funny we thought we were to how callous we actually were to perform this --to quote Michal, "To me, it's a prime example of why our children are the way they are."


    Do It (live) (Leaky Joe): Crank it.  I can't take over the Leaky Joe franchise.  O'Meara owns the man.  This is a re-recording of a song Speranza and I wrote together c.1992 and performed occasionally at Paris.  I would like to do another Leaky album, but I'm not sure if I can pony up enough cash to pry O'Meara from the other ocean for a weeklong session (because he loves those).  Plus he's got stars and babies to think about. 


    2x3<4 (The Stunt Beatles): from 2x3<4


    The Absinthe Drinkers (Sunhouse Branch): from "The Top Secret Band...."


    China, Present Day/Leave Me Be (live) (Flip Nasty): This is an augmented live track from our last Flip Nasty gig, the 2000 Bolder Boulder.  The original track is me on vocals & electric guitar, Fried on bass, and Kevin Ozias on drums.  Unfortunately, Kevin's drums are almost inaudible, so I re-recorded new drums in Buffalo (you can hear a little remnant of Kevin's peeking out in the background of the main track).  After Speranza officially left the band, Fried and I decided to reconfigure, with me permanently moving into the guitarist slot and inviting the incredibly-talented Kevin to join us as a permanent member.  Had I stayed in Denver, I think this incarnation of the band would've had a lot of fun.  We were definitely poised to move away from acoustic shows and back into full-out rock and roll.  However --as I like to say-- life intervened, and I couldn't pass up the chance to be with Vaunne.  This track and a few others from this gig are already selected for the future live retrospective "If Flip Nasty Falls in the Forest...."  I must be stoned on espresso to write "future live retrospective," simultaneously merging all three dimensions of time into one wormhole of a phrase.  That's the power of this band, man.  We bend space-time.  Routinely.