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2000:I could be more patient with the shortfalls of my fellow man. I can't explain why it is I can't accept the crimes that we commit. Everyone's a hero when you see them on the silver screen. They wear white hats and in the end the carnage spills away into the sea. Everyone's forgotten how it is they used to look away. They can't accept anything That isn't what they'd really like to see. Everyone's a shadow when it comes to lighting up the way. We cannot see anything: it's time to let the sun ignite the world. Pre-ChorusStar light, star bright, first star I see tonight…. Chorus: Here comes the sun, it's the dawning of a brand new day --let's put the world back together. We greet the sun on the dawning of a brand new age --let's keep the world safe forever. Something quite enticing in the way you hide yourself from me. I can't explain what it is I love so much in something without hope. I could be more patient with the shortfalls of my fellow man, but it's the girls I love the most, who keep me warm when nothing seems to work. Some would say it's hopeless because the world won't be a better place, but I refuse to give up now when everything is hanging on the edge. I could be more patient with the shortfalls of my fellow man, but I refuse to compromise when I am right and this I understand. Pre-Chorus/Chorus. Seems the sky has fallen. Will it ever be above my head? And if I wait 2000 years, will anything around me really change?

A Very Clever Bird: They huddle close and console themselves that at most it's a week for posts before they know the word. In the monkey room, I am cursing like a cheap baboon; they'll replace me soon with a very clever bird. Chorus: The bird'll preen and fly about, he'll do my job --he'll make them proud. With his fancy-shmancy beak taking food right from my mouth. They propose a toast to our feathered friend who does the most, but there're angry ghosts who somehow overheard. I'm the crabby star screaming "fuck you" at a candy bar. College got me far --I'm second to a bird. Chorus. My employment coasts, but I had a very tasty roast. I don't mean to boast, but my fowl play was superb. In a week or two, they'll have found a monkey fresh and new, and it might be you trying to live up to the bird.

The Absinthe Drinkers: Here we are in this condition --vacant, sprawling careless town. Drinking out of mason jars. Streetlamps, yellow painted stars. CH: Wormroot tongue and restless stupor. Restless says "I'm all used up." Shadows I, I wish I were. Coffee brown says sober up. Green fields are more pleasant beds and clear, blue skies more gentle jails. I lifted more a thousand cups, sat drunk, confused in garden's veils. I wished my heart weren't parched, dizzy in the garden. Wished it wouldn't shrivel, wished it wouldn't harden. CH. We lay down soft, just me and Heather, all the clouds up whisking high. I was feeling dense and clever --will I shrivel, will I die? CH. Another small, another splash, another drop falls down. Thought and motion, darkest ocean, green-lit potion town.

The Abysmal Refugee: She cascades through my ebony dreams, her obscure beauty flows through azure streams. Blue eyes stare with a melancholy air. Bright red rose petals rest at her thighs as the tears disperse underneath those eyes. So clear, so bright, lying next to me tonight, yet the pain is in your eyes. I stare into your sapphire soul --those eyes betray your suffering toll. Tell me what's wrong, you've waited too long to uncover your face to the empty grace. Chorus: Just lift the veil and let me see the real you that you want to be. You cover the pain with the beat of the wave and bury your feelings in a fathomable grave. Please to fade awry; let your spirit fly. I dive through your pain's thickening mist and release your dreams with unreachable bliss. Release your chains and break away --free to the promise of another day. CH.

Act Your Age: Slacker child, what will you do if I don't look out for you? It's a wonder that you grew. Youth is such a stupid stage, try to learn to act your age. Slacker child, start sowing seeds, I know what you really need. All you do is fuck and feed. You can't run --you're in a cage. Try to learn to act your age. Slacker child, McManager, huddled in your can of worms. Shut it, twig, and hear my terms. You can't eat your daily wage. I will make you act your age. Now I have anecdotes to tell, might as well get comfortable. Slacker child, how will you live? I have lost my will to give all my money through your seive. Time has come to turn the page, try to learn to act your age. Slacker child with cock in hand, this, you think, makes you a man. Tell me son, what is your plan? I'm your father, not a sage. You're the one to act your age. Father of the slacking one, you raised not an idiot son. I know what it is I've done. I can face my own mistakes. This is how I act my age. Now I have rumors to dispell, might as well get comfortable. Father, why you endless rage? Don't forget I'm not your age.

Ain't Got You: I've got to find myself something to do tonight. Loiter downtown, look around, but still something's not right. I've got dollars in my pockets and gas in my tank, but something's still missing, now let me just think…. Ain't got you. Pretty girl from Florida, fixing her hair just right. Tries to do her makeup in the glow of the red stoplight. Follow her a block or two, but that ain't the cure. I may be indecisive, but there's one thing for sure…. Ain't got you. Chorus: Ain't got you. What can I do about it? Ain't got you. Tell me anything. Ain't got you. Make a demand of me. Ain't got you. What do you want me to do? I've got to cut myself some kind of deal with you. Listen to me closely and I'll tell you what I'm going to do. Hold you in my arms like a desperate fool, because that's what I am when I ain't got you.

And Then The Fireman Ate The Eggs: She was completely covered in shit and laughing in the bathtub. "What's the matter with you? Turn the water on and wash that shit off!" "I can't stop laughing. Tim loves me. I'm so happy." Tim, where had I heard that name before? Oh yes, I remember Tim. He was the one who shot the clown, poured sugar in my gas tank, and sold those awful, awful calendars. Now he had stolen the woman I loved. Damn she was gorgeous. Tim also made illegal milkshakes, heavy on the morning glory. The calendars --I saw her in one. Fuck Tim to show her like that with those pie circles. Sasha always liked circles, but I felt that he'd gone too far. She was October --we met in October under the harvest moon. Then the fire department kicked down the door. "Where's the fire?!" The littlest fireman only had one arm. He picked up a lamp and threw it into the kitchen, "I'm not fucking around!" Sasha walked in --she has perfect apple breasts-- "Oh good, the fire deapartment's here." And I knew she would leave me. She would leave me and take her ovaries with her. My eggs. I started to cry. I wanted those eggs and the fireman really wasn't fucking around and proceeded to chop things with the glee only sex-crazed nymph like Sasha could have. Neither of them understood why the eggs were important, and I would never taste those apples again. And then the fireman ate the eggs. "How do you like 'em," groaned Sasha in an unseemly manner. I wanted to die. "Harvested, scrambled --whatever." He kept jerking his limp dick with his hand; it seemed selfish. I wanted to take his weasely face and rape his mouth with a wine bottle. "Here, let me do that," said Sasha. "You don't have to do this, Sasha..." my heart was breaking. "Shut up! You creep me out! You don't own me! I don't even like you!" That was it. That was it. My babies in his belly, I cleft his ape skull in two with the fire axe. When I woke the next morning, Sasha was still naked, but the axe was strangely clean. I went outside, where I was practically beaten to death by a funeral procession playing the national anthem on the bagpipes. It was then that I stole the dalmation. January 25th is Robert Burns' birthday. The bagpipes were advancing, but I'll tell you a secret that usually only Scots know: Burns died of rabies and he was bitten by a dalmation. There were 101 of those bagpipe bastards, but I showed 'em. But I never showed Sasha again.

And You Say: Remember when I kissed you in a tree and we spent hours in the quiet of the blanket of the wool of night from three to four in the morning molesting each other up against the old upright piano? And you say how I never kissed you in a tree Yesterday, I saw your enemy --your secret sworn enemy. She fluttered her big brown pools of manipulation and tried to make me do some little thing as if I wasn't wise. And you say I'm a fool. All alone over mountains over deserts, safely from the river of your eyes --your beautiful eyes, slow and still that swallow me whole and pull me away. All alone in the frost and mist from a nearby park, I watch a restaurant burn from a merry-go-round where I never kissed you or felt the warmth of your heart --or better still told you all my secrets specifically your fault. I watch it burn and smell the chicken. I can't believe I'm this lonely every day. Don't you have something better to do than make me remeber you? And you say you love the merry-go-round. Before you, there were others who ran off to be Nebraskans. Nebraskans these, your enemieswho want to steal the treasure --the treasure deep inside your heart, the treasure that is twisting and spinning, hooking, grappling in every space I loved you. And you say how I never kissed you in a tree. I just want to see what you are. I think that you and your aliens should return my cheap belongings, except for you can keep the wine and my hournal --I don't know me. And you say, "come inside and lie down, Valentine."

Back Again: I'd been down on my luck, I'd been heaved overboard, thought I'd tried every fish in the sea. I was back on my feet, and my sight was restored --saw her there and I thought I'd go see. She had hair like a flame, and her eyes were so kind, and her smile said to come on inside. So I asked her her name, and she said, "never mind," so I guess that her features had lied. Pre-Chorus: You don't have to be cruel to be kind. Though I'm always the fool, I don't mind. Chorus: She's only another stranger. I'm only another moth to her flame. Heart beating, I'm retreating, but I'll be back again some day. "Keep your hands to yourself, I've got mace in my purse and a dog with a bad attitude, and my boyfriend's a cop, and he has a big gun, so please leave --I don't mean to be rude." So I laughed in her face and got sprayed with the mace --I guess she didn't want any jokes. Well she blew her last chance for a wild romance. It's her fault it's her heart that she broke.

Bang Bang Girl: You don't love me, but I sure do need you so. Well my baby, you've got a long, long way to go. Chorus: Yeah, I'm gaga over you, my bang bang girl, my bang bang girl. You don't trust me, but you keep the oven hot. Well, my baby, you've got me all tied in a knot. Chorus. You won't keep me, but you let me hang my hat. Well my baby, you don't know where my heart is at.

Be Kind to Animals: Be kind to animals. Make peace with everyone. And if I am good, you might even like me. Be sure to wash your hands when you have spilt my blood. 'Cause if I am dead, you might even like me. Chorus: Be kind to animals. Save love for better things. Throw animals aside because animals don't matter. Be kind to invalids. Be kind to animals. Fill my bottle with hope --you might even wean me. Chorus. Slay me with roses' thorns. Pierce me with gentle scorn. For if I'm away, you might even like me. Run like a mystery when you get close to me, and if I observe, then try to ignore me. Be kind to animals because they don't understand, and if they get dull, then put them to sleep.

Birthday: Tomorrow's your birthday --I don't know what to get you. If I had a ladder, I'd put you on top of the world. Tomorrow's your birthday, so welcome to a new year. Now blow out those candles, may your wishes come true Chorus: You can have anything you want. Hit the ground running, you can fly with your heart. Tomorrow's your birthday -- I don't know what to get you. I hope you like songs 'cause it's all that I've got.

Border: Heaven knows it's a cold year for the rose. Shades of love burnt lavender. I've said my praise, and I'll wait a thousand days. Tether me to you. Chorus: I'll meet you at the border, I'll meet you at the border. I'll wait here at the border til the border fades away. So happiness comes again to cheat this scar inside my chest. Smiles and sweet smells come again to beat and bait my fool from rest. So send to me your arm, an anchor to the land, so I might stop this spinning and simply hold your hand. Chorus Spoke my heart, crossed my heart, cross my fingers now. haunt, hook, overlook --you'll read it all in my new book.

Broken Heart: I remember lazy days with sunlight in your hair, the little car that got so far was taking us nowhere. And somewhere in the distance, someone shouted to beware. So young --too young. I think we didn't even care. Chorus: To destroy a broken heart as soon as it's stricken is better than to break a heart and leave it ticking. Afternoon with lots of room but precious little space. In the air, a lonely hair has fallen on your face. We could see it coming, but we could not get away. The things that I regret the most were the things I didn't say. Chorus. Conversations trite with no end in sight. Silent sighs to myself under bright streetlights. Twisted, double-fiste, am I being blacklisted? Were you trying to drop a hint, cause I sure as shit missed it. Trying to break my heart, were you trying to make ammends? We were doomed when you said we could still be friends. Imitations, limitations, Dr. Jekyll's new creation. I don't know if that was love, but I miss your inspiration. What am I to do? I remember countless times I called you on the phone. Eleven rings forever meant you still had not come home. Somewhere in my memory I still was not alone. I think I got too anxious when i cursed the dial tone. Chorus. I remember happy times when you and I went out, sitting down to dinner with enthusiastic doubt. But flowers don't change people -- that's not what they're all about. It doesn't help to kick and scream. It doesn't help to shout.

Build Again: It's the practice I've been preaching: you must give everything you take. And in the confines of this doctrine I am caught --as the eddies in a lake. Chorus: Cold --I am cold outside. Oh, but I am warm for her. I must burn away all that I built for you. Oh, I must build again. Get up, fall down, then mourn in silence. Still Madam Pavlov rings my bell. The rage of loss degrades to violence, and I'm afraid --will she hate me just as well? Chorus. Bitter souls and systems leave empty hands in desperate need of holding on to memories I should have long let go. Dreams are pretty fancies and it's interesting when they collide with what is real, I ask myself, and what should I let go? I am annoyed that I still miss you and all your hocus- pocus games. At least I've lost the urge to kiss you, and I'm proud that I haven't gone insane.

Buy the World: I feel live I've been locked in a cage, locked out of view for some vicious design. You may decide to taste many men time and again. Don't say you want my time. Chorus: Still i buy you trinkets dear, but the truth is you won't sleep with me, even if I buy the world. I see no way to work you out. There is no way to twist this straight. Don't try to pull that shit on me. Don't think that love means I won't hurt you. Chorus. You say you're sorry --yank on my leash. My neck is free, though blood was let to slick me. You say that you have done nothing wrong --meant no one harm-- but I just think you're careless. Chorus. Remember love can be transferred. Remember trust is just a word. You must prioritize your lies. The truth, though ugly, is preferred.

Caramel: I don't know what you've been told, but eat this if you're feeling cold. The recipe is very old, but caramel's worth more than gold. One part sugar, one part butter, one part secret spice. Eight years making, slowly baking, eight years to cook right. CH: Bitterness was all I knew until the day your heart shone through. My sweetest thoughts are all of you and all the caramel you do. Yes, I need it, need to eat it, tasting sticky sweet. Sticky pots and apricots tender in my teeth. CH. Dark this flavor, meant to savor, melting on my tongue. Love forever, sweet endeavors, sweethearts sugar young.

Change: Change in my pockets and change on my mind. People like the past, but you must leave it behind. Fellows, key of C and make it I, IV, V. These numbers can be changed, but people don't want to try. Chorus: Why don't you get up and change who you are? Buy a new house and then buy a new car. Frankly, I'm wearing you just like a scar: I'm tired of all the old things that you are. Change in my pockets and change on my mind. Comfort can be hazard if it makes us go blind. Throw aside these garments if you're really alive: join the evolution, add your personal drive. Don't stop running if you lose your direction. Forge on ahead and make another invention. People don't appreciate the changes at hand, but change is for the future and its uncharted lands.

Cipher: If you had anything, would you have me? If you could get away, what would you flee? Well that's what broken hearts are for: tape them up and break them more. If you could speak your heart, what would I see. Sips of you --though you are right-- are destined down the wrong damn pipe. If you were anyone, who would be me? Chorus: I can see the tone, but the shape presents a cipher. I'm gonna touch your heart if you let me. I'm a fool, like I was fifteen and everything came to one moment, trapped in one word. And I'm cruel, like I was better than anything. I'm so afraid I'm gonna lose. Chorus. An empty vase, like you're waiting for a rose. What I'm waiting for, who knows? Stars to burn out, I suppose. You are to passionate to understand. You conquer everything --you always win. Well, that's what nervous hearts are for: throw them blind against the door. So would you open it and let me in? Tiny features, tiny plans, hold me in your tiny hands.

Class: Are you two passing notes in my class? I think you're going to have to stop. Let's open our books. And now sing a song. Eight! Punishment, punishment, no more heroin! Shit!

Crooked Toolbox: Nail by nail, piece by piece, fix the frame and mend the roof. Seal the gaps as best I can, be a man and tell the truth. CH: This is what I've got to work with. Now the hour is growing late. I must use this crooked toolbox to fix this crooked problem straight. Turn by turn, the nuts and bolts pull the severed timbers true. Twist by twist, the broken whole creeps aloft as something new. (CH) (Solo) (CH)x2 Fade: I won't let this damage rot away another day. I have my hammer; this is where I want to stay ....with me, stay with me, stay with me. I won't let you leave me; fix this broken house today.

Dating Graveyard: Well, if I had a big new house with furniture --whatever else-- a great big dog, a studio, I'd be happy for a month or so. And then I might receive the urge to find myself a tasty merge. A sexy girl who likes big words. Eventually we would diverge. I may last mile after mile with pretty girls who shriek with style, but fact is, I don't drink their bile, which usually sets me back a while. Chorus: The women that I like the best, I cannot put them to the test, lest I doom them like the rest to join my dating graveyard. For underneath the pleasantries, there's something mighty wrong with me that makes me blind to what I see --I just don't understand it. This weakness, mine, I must confess for red hair, big eyes, warm caress has often made me second-guess these hearts and minds that make a mess. So when we do disrobe and kiss, I find it hard to think past this to later, when her pretty fists dispell the mists of heartsight bliss. But times I feel so all alone a needle turns my sighs to stone. And this is when I am most prone to venture in the danger zone. Chorus. Whoa yeah, I need someone --someone just like you. Whoa yeah, I need someone --anyone can do. if they leave in peace or war, i know not what they leave me for when all I see's a smoking door or footprints on the shaggy floor. I find, with time, I miss them less but not the acts of residence, and this --I think-- is loneliness: we shape each other's humanness. Virgin fair or harlot pure, rotation is the only cure. Though peace may come from woman's lure, you never really can be sure.

Deep: CH: Deep, deep, way down deep. I know you can melt me. I know you've got heat. You must be inside me, 'cause I'm burning deep. CH. I've been full of winter. I've been lost in a dead, cold sleep. You're my infant summer, and I'm thawing deep. CH. Bridge: And it's a fine, fine line that we walk sometimes between fire and a scar, but with your heart beats mine 'til the end of time and I'm reaching, reaching far.... CH. I am hot as embers. I am hot as steam. I must really love you 'cause my coal is deep.

Destined: Difficult and dodgy to see beyond my outstretched hand. It's easy to ignore the lives that touch me. But all I think today is of the politics of interaction: I'm the life, I touch of you, you make me smile, I don't know more. Terrible this treason, this tease that speaks my flirty friend. This book is much too small to hold its pages. But all I want to say is that she speaks of what she does not own. Nothing fixes circumstance when circumstance means nothing. Chorus: Only two things am I certain of: first, my future holds starvation. And you're destined to be mine. Certainly these wolves can change 'til they swan away in the painted day. Openly, the cherished rain will deny the stain on the windowpane. Trickery and timing at odds to win a final cause. Your fluty little span denies attention. And I deny your leash and other words that go to that effect. Nothing sways a man possessed, possessed by his possession. Chorus. Blossoms sweat and weep their wine in the hidden time of the nectar twine. Moments break like babies' sighs or the falling tide bottles ride and ride.

Deutscheland Nookie: Maike sweet, she wrote me flowers in the strange moonlight. I hear her breathe in a sexy dream. She might be the one, but I'm still a little boy --no, there's no one for me. Deutscheland, Deautscheland, she broke my icicle, stole my heart and stole my bicycle. She might be alive, but I'm still a little boy --no, there's no life for me. Come on frauelein, it's respectable. I keep my secrets with my spectacles. You might turn me on. If I weren't a little boy, you'd be the one for me.

Do It: Buying on impulse some roses and courage then standing and wilting --I don't really know you. planning, rejecting, then planning all over --your dress in a heap on the floor in my mind. I'm trying to focus on noble intentions, but tensions are mounting --I don't really know you. Trying to recall what I said in the shower, rehearsed in the steam with the soap in my eyes. Chorus: Do it, fucking do it, rejection means you'll only have to do it again. Do it, fucking do it, acceptance means you'll never have to do it again. I don't understand you, I don't understand me. Do you understand you? This doesn't look good. Pacing and cursing, observing your habits, observing your boyfriend --this doesn't look good. Playing with curtains, you're just like a kitten, but kittens can scratch you and sometimes draw blood. Lying awake with a pain in my stomach, is this indigestion or am I in love?

Dreamscape: It's an all-out mad confusion running rings around my heart: if I touch you, you're illusion, tender ether I am bruising. If I'd learned to play the cello, then I could've been the star looking down upon you, hello Miss Victoria dressed in yellow gown -- big eyes like tidepools full of moonlit skies, Chorus: Pretty little bird. I am drifting through the buds of spring trees and you are bent over something ominously sensual --I can't see what it is. You are wearing a green shirt which, as I near, I recognize as mine. Your hair is darker than usual in the bright light of the blue sun. And your big eyes are engulfed in the wavering shadow of the canopy of leaves sifting light as a hand through deep water. Gesturing with your silken hand and blowing kisses on a butterscotch knoll, you invite me to teatime on the knoll, where soon we languish supine in sleep. Chorus. Sift now the sands of this moonshore. The sun wilts as a dandelion in fields of tar. Sip now the champagne of pearl-bedded streams fed by rain the hue of morning skies. Willow whistle, ivy rustle, distant thunder booms accord. Hear now the hiss of uncut wheat. Taste now apples off the old tree. Laying in the chaff of the harvest moon, this is your sweat upon my sheets. Chorus. Break my heart. I'll convince myself I don't need you. Cut my throat, you zombies with your pheromone drunken stench. Haunting my life with telephones, reaching through the pillow into my head. paranoid me never trust this rancid game, chess never mumbledypeg, this is a lie, this is a lie. Chorus. Always you shall be queen of this desolate man, me, pressed flat by the weight of your foot. I expose my defenses for love. Slay me, for I have no will to move on. If I cannot sip of you I shall not drink. Bury me in chains, I have no will to stop you. Chorus. So beautiful this poison --to taste it, men would die. And so I must leave, never to sip again this philter I have spent my life upon. Kiss me or my heart will surely crack. Stab me 'fore I rip myself in two. Understand this fractal dreamscape, and I will wait inside for you.

Enigma: What's the point of winning anyway? What's the point of playing if you know you'll only lose? You can't make forever just by trying. Dancing can't make water fall from buckets in the sky. What's the point of living anyway? Sacrilege aside, why don't people want to die? You can't sculpt your life from your own clay. Why do we insist that we all have the right to choose. ChorusI: She said, "Leave me alone now, I want some time by myself. Leave me alone, I don't want to work things out. You can huff and puff and blow your kettle, but that don't mean that anything's settled. Leave me alone just for a while." You're an enigma cased in honey, but I can't get past your hive. An enormous waste of money, you don't know that I'm alive. Now you cry, your nose is runny, and you may never dry those eyes. You never have been very cunning, and the gypsy prophesized. ChorusII: You're lonely, and I'm lonely waiting for you to be waiting for me. Frustration, temptation waiting for you to be waiting for me. ChorusI. If I find the way into your heart, will it be June or January? When will doubts be purged like demons? Is your heart too big for simple love to carry? Tried and true don't work with you. Will I fall in love forever? When will trust become a given? What's the last thing I'll remember? ChorusII. ChorusI. What's the point of kissing anyway? What's the point of loving if I know you'll only leave? You can't make me happy just by lying; crushing me politely isn't better than before. Letting in the problem is a blessing. Bitter spite and envy comes from shutting up the door. What's the point of crying anyway? I'll be fine without you --why do I feel the need to grieve?

Exploitation: You've always practiced exploitation. You didn't need a motivation. There's you and there's me: the master and slave. I've had it enough, it's time to be brave. I'm changing how I run my life. Chorus: I'm in the mood for exploitation. You are my single motivation. You picture yourself as a nation. I will destroy your self-creation. I'll wrap my chains around your neck. You'll feel my pains and then you'll wreck. You know the truth can always hide, and when it does, it's called a lie.

Fall On Me: If trust is like blood, then by liter by liter you save me when solitude stings me and nobody knows what to say. You are the beacon that straightens me through the deep water --shows me to shore in the gloaming new light of the day. Chorus: Fall on me, fall on me, fall on me, I'll catch you if you fall. As friendship comes kinship and deeper to deeper I know you. As water to blood as you come to understand me. The indigo rose is blue as the deepest dead ocean. The wolf in the moon is red as the hurricane sea. Chorus. Howl the wind low, rise the waves high --your port come under siege. There in the swell rides the waves I, and beckon come with me. Chorus.

Farmer: He goes to market twice a year, once to sell and once to buy. The master of the seed, he says "Like a druid master I." From in the dark it calls to him, in the booth of rosewood old. "Master of the seed, " it says, "plant this pod to bring you gold." Chorus: Angry the farmer, stubborn in his ways: beware of the seed that masters you today. In the yellow dawn he cups his hands over the furrow that he made. "This magic seed will do my bidding." And in the hole the pod was laid. And by the crimson dusk, a sprout had grown, and he was coy and self-assured: "Within a day, a golden tree will bloom, and I'll be rich to mark my words." Chorus. In the night, the branches crept to him, and wrapped around him like a stone, so by the morning, he was trapped to die, within the golden tree he'd sown.

Feelings: Feelings --take your aggression, let it go. Greetings --greetings come and greetings go. All I want is to hold you close. All I want is to feel your touch. Chorus: Feelings, feeling you. Greetings to say to you. I know the feeling/I've got this feeling, do you? All night long, in my sleep, I dream of you until I weep. Oh, the stereo, turn it up real loud. Feel like I'm atop a cloud. She walks on ice, she's cold as stone, guess that's the price of being alone. Chorus. Stayed awake, couldn't get to sleep. Counted rejections instead of counting sheep.

Free: Chorus: I'm wearing glass wings and chasing freedom today, in the winter of my darkest year. In my hand, I read the lines that lead me to the north of here. I must face my open cage that frustrates my escape. Chorus. I recall your final words the day I sped from out our cage. "Idle time is everything a heart could seek to take." But I don't listen well and never have before. I can't be deaf now anymore. Chorus. Bridge: If you're kept by the wall, then I'm not free at all, so I fly back to you to be free, finally. Wrap that folded thing you have oh, any way you can around me. Once I bid your wings to stop, now let them fly again. But I don't recognize the traps I set inside myself. But with your patience, I'll survive.

Gloaming: I will rise in the morning. I am over your life. In the winter, the winter, you will want me to heat you. Will the winter, the winter, give way to the spring? I meet this girl. I'm talking to this girl --and we're having a good conversation. Then it strikes me, I like herand BAM! Everything changes. I can't pay attention. I think about emptying her ovaries. She doesn't know --she's talking about travel or whatever, but I think about her pubic hair. I think about her cunt. I think if I could get inside that sea anemone, if I could feel the heat and grease of her warm, naked body, I would flip a switch inside myself that would turn my momentary glimpses of normal behavior into a permanent condition. But it's words and desires like "cunt" that keep me back on the swingset thinking of you. Back on the swingset where I couldn't figure it out. I deserve the swingset. I'm looking to make the mistakes I should've made when I was fourteen. I will lay in the evening with the coldness upon you. In the summer, the summer, you will want me to leave you. Will the summer, the summer, lead short to the fall? This is a dream. A dream is a message. Listen, I am telling you a lie. Each face was a face I changed to fit the face. Each hand a hand I held to hold the hand. Each kiss the kiss I kissed to kiss. I could not tell their faces apart. Love is the word of road and river. A woman is my blood. Each face, each fruit, each buttered peach to have. The road goes home, and the river takes a different way. I saw the faces. I did not know which face was mine. I ran until the river took me down. I will call in the gloaming where loneliness keeps you. In the morning, the morning, you will want me to wake you. Will the evening, the evening, be cold for us all? There was this moment when she stood up and she helped this kid get a drink from the water cooler. And i looked at her, and I just sweeled up with this wierd love --like I'd known her for years. Like she would sit down and I would kiss her forehead. I used to feel that around you, you know. That I would marry you by wanting to. Every boy, every child you fucked and trusted with each secret, each rainy-day intimacy, not knowing that dicks drain to a deep and fetid lake of trust forgotten. As you took them in your mouth and swallowed them like cotton, I stood in impotent discomfort, wanting to scream from my hopeless sinking raft that I loved you despite your petty faults for who you were, and I needed you to swim to the boat and bring a hammer, and we would make it work. But these days, I don't believe anymore that you love me and are just waiting around for me to do the paperwork. And it's funny how quickly the loss of hope took desire too. So now I think about blow jobs from strange women on the train and allow my life to fall into disarray.

Great Expectations: Little Sara is a proud, hard woman with a string of lost lovers and no respect. She walks in the room like she knows what she's doing, but she hasn't got a clue what she ought to expect. Pretty, pretty girl with a mind of her own went a little too far just a little too soon, but she's up and about, and she's screaming in your face, but the lies that she tells can't hide the truth. Chorus: Don't let your great expectations go too far. Don't ride the wind, 'cause you're riding for a fall. Don't make up lies that are bigger than the truth. Don't lose the light that will bring me back to you. Older Michael is a tired man with a tired wife and tired kids. In a bar with a guilty heart and a ring in his pocket that's wearing thin. Pretty fish in her short, red dress on her long, thin legs --it's no surprise. Spears the fish, and it flops around with that smell on his hands -- fear in his eyes. Chorus. Little Richard is a desperate boy who's tired of being polite. Late at night when he cannot sleep, he wonders when he'll get it right. All the friends in the world can't save him from himself. We are all monsters for love and nothing else.

Grip of the Pete: These lyrics remain classified at this time. Thank you for your inquiry; your identity has been noted for our files.

I Can Make You Happy: Don't ask you how the doctor went --you don't want to talk about it. You say that if I'm a friend, I won't ask you that again. Come over and we'll grab a bite. You don't have to stress about it. You can't expect to win your fight if you don't get away tonight. For I've been keeping with your habits, and I know some of what you fear. But you are keeping so much secret and you won't ever let me near. Chorus: I can turn your whisper at once into a shout. I can make you happy and turn you inside-out. Where are the little voices now? You know, the ones that drive you crazy. It's time to turn the voices down. I won't let them push you around. I tell you now 'cause I'm your friend, you stress too much to live around it. I tell you you can make this end. You can be happy once again. Chorus. I read your face when you're watching me. I know inside you're wondering if there's a thing inside of me --behind the fool. And in your mind, you're spending time dissolving bars and feeling fine, and in the end, you will be mine and you won't mind. Chorus. I know you think I think too much, but I've got time to wait for you. I know I can get out of touch, but it's so fun to make a fuss. I know you think you have no strength, but I can feel so much in you. Just trust me, and we won't be late. Hold on to me --don't be afraid.

I Can't Have Two: Laura's got her daisies, and Beth has tattoos. She claims she did a fuck film --she said she'd do me too. Laura is a painter and a waitress at the zoo, but I can't have two, I can't have two. Laura knows the wine list, and Beth knows the booze. I think that Laura likes me --I kissed her after school. Beth can turn your tongue into an animal balloon, but I can't have two, I can't have two. Smells like flowers, but it's not Gretchen, even though Gretchen smells like flowers, too. You know, three won't do. Angry Laura's leaving, she buried my shoes. She painted me a eunuch --I'm hanging in the Louvre. Beth can turn a whip just like she's turning on the news, and I can't have two, I can't have two.

I Got It Right: I got it right, I'm on my way. I'm on the road tonight --I'll be there yesterday. I got a feel, I got a sense, I got a happy heart since I jumped the fence. CH: And the wheels go round, rolling down the interstate. to your love I'm bound --man, you make the minutes ache. You heard it right, I want you bad. You are the first, the best true love that I ever had. CH. I got it right, I'm full of fire. I'm on the road tonight, my fuel is my desire. I'll love you right, I'll love you proud, I'll love you sick and well, I'll love you soft and loud.

I Was There, It Just Wasn't Funny: Hi, are you free Friday? No, I'm shy. Would you like to see a movie? No, I'm shy. Be my valentine. No, I'm shy. I cut off my leg to show you I care. No, I'm shy. I killed 52 people --marry me! No, I'm shy. No, I'm shy. So anyway, I had these tomatoes, right? But they were rotten, so I took them back to the store, but they said that they wouldn't take them back because I'd taken a bite out of one of them. Well, of course I had! How else am I supposed to find out if they're rotten?! Well, I guess you had to be there. I was there, it just wasn't funny.

I Want You Back: The truth is on the table, but the way is through the trees. Ain't that a shame? I'm pudgy and effeminate; I'm stale and should take fault for my own pain. The things I gave as sacrifice still rotting on the altar unexplained. I'm the one who cares about you; how did your deep well evaporate? CH: I want you back, I want the past back. I want you back, I'm on my knees. I want you back, I want the past back. I wish I had your secret key. The words are on the wind, their meaning hanging in the breeze and full of rain. I'm sad and shaded desolate, I'm frail and should take care with what I say. The things I feel in conflict waging sour, bloody battle in my brain. I'm the one who always loved you; how did I end up so far astray? (CH) (Solo Bridge) The past is in the mirror; you can't join it --you can't touch it anyway. I'm hopeless and unhappy; I wish I knew the trick to make you stay.

I Won't Miss You: Who's the tootsie, you're hoochie-coo lonely. You fish, but only a fool would bite on you. I know --I've been a fool or two. So fuck away, the light is green. You know what I mean. Let's get this done; you can regret me when you're gone. What's the matter: you've lost all of your laughter? You drown pretending to wave --can you be saved? You've got the dope I've got the rope. So splash away, this ain't the blues --I found my shoes. Let's get this done; you can regret me when you're gone. Chorus: I won't miss you. I won't miss you anyway. What a keeper --empty heads come cheaper. Dumb and dry with a cruel spark in his eye. Yet you maintain he is the guy. You have the right to shut your mouth. I tell you, he'll bail out. Let's get this done; you can regret me when you're gone. Chorus. After all I did for you, you didn't think you felt that way. So run away with Mr. Fright --your future's looking bright. Let's get this done; you can regret me when you're gone.

I'm Just Looking For the Paper: Uncanny all the things you do to make me wrong. I could put a cork in you, but you would just explode. I tell myself that time will make this clear. Time may be an enemy of mine. Chorus: I'm just looking for the paper and a woman who's not fucking someone strong who doesn't listen, but she's glad that I can hear her. Where's the funnies, my good money went for some sort of subscription, and I haven't seen the ocean, but I've heard it's grey and lonely anyway. Why must this be an issue on the slate? Club and gut the rabbit just to find out what he ate. I tell myself that time will make me free. Time may be an enemy of mine. Chorus. Why do I expect each time that chains won't weigh me down? Chorus. I won't sit still, I have to be with you. I'm not content to chase your shadow. I won't be numbed, I won't succumb, I won't become that passive once again.

In Line: I'm your clown and you're my fool. Make me laugh and make me drool. I'm alive to be with you, oh vivious joy of mine. Take my paycheck, take my car. These things never get me far. Hit me, tweety birds and stars. I'm in the grasp of gentle ghosts. Chorus: I'm in line with you. Tie me up, take me with you. In your world, I can't be blue. The sky's so big, and so are you. A kiss, a dance, a happenstance. Chorus. Take my hand and don't let go through the heat or rain and snow. Desert or fifteen below, I'll hold on to what I know.

It Don't Come Easy: And it don't come easy -- love, love love. Love sinks its teeth into you --takes the first bite. Love's not another hunger --hunger for night. Love took me down, down underground. It don't come easy. Chorus: You've got a fire in your eyes, I think it's made me realize it don't come easy --love, love, love. It just don't come easy --love, love, love. When I saw you alone there, my heart leapt inside. It was more than I could bear --I wanted to hide. Felt like a clown wearing a frown. It's never easy.

Large-Animal Veterinarian Blues: You never told me. You never loved me. You never stopped me. You never told me. Goodbye.

Long And Lanky Laura: There's this waitress in a sub shop and I see her now and then. Takes my order, always smiling --my whole life where has she been? And she asks me what I'm writing when the business gets too slow, and I tell her if she'd kiss me, I'd be glad to let her know. Then she smiles and wipes the tables, says I'm crazy can't you see, and she says she'll think it over, but for now she'll let me be. Chorus: Long and lanky Laura you look so out of place: you should be in pictures with that million-dollar face. Now I'm shaving in the morning and my teeth are nice and white. Wouldn't want to disappoint her when I stop to grab a bite. But there's something I must tell her should her ears perchance hear this. Now that I've answered your question, you owe me a little kiss. CH. Only now I know the meaning of that service with a smile, and you'd think by now she'd notice all the things about my style.

Love In The Middle of Nowhere: On the chair during the rain above the ground beneath the trees with the girl without the others almost life without reality. In the boat on the wave in the tear in her eye. On the raft in the river of air in the sky. Like a doll in the playground, I know not her name. A shelter, a parisol, I need her the same. Chorus: Planets collide in the darkness and silence, and species in oceans are dead just like that. Her face in a cloud in the middle of nowhere, and I'm flat on my back. In a kiss in her door I pause for an instant with trembling hands. I'm aware in her face in her smile. Bright is the day when I see her again. A cello, a flute, her eyes sing like bluebirds. A cloud in the mountains, her flag in the sky. In the car watching the sunset, in a glimpse three words in my eye. On the road, watching the streetlights, waving to cars as headlights pass by. In my life in the middle of nowhere, in her cheeks a warm, rosy flame. On the phone for hours and hours. In my life, contently insane. On a card three words that I love her. Wild beasts can often be tamed. In the week in the car in the mountains. I'm in love, darling, I can't complain.

Love Me: Oh, I'm so deep and troubled. Sketchy and distracted. Love me, love me, love me, love me. I'm a puddle, I'm a poet, big boy trouble and you know it. Making love with vacancies, baby loves a mystery. Love me love me love me love me. Oh, I'm so full of hidden water, scraps of paper show my shadow. Peter Pan all tamed to love you, patience is gravity, kind as cages love me love me love me love me. In my eyes a cold reserve, more ragfuck, dear, than you deserve. Look at me, I must abuse --my secret torment will excuse. So seductive my hinted past, so attractive my tattoed ass. Love me love me love me love me. Oh, it's only you who understands me, and you know I'll let you change me. I'll make our fortune, I'll give you children. Can't you see, just look at me. I've been waiting for you love me love me love me love me.

Love Tears Bears: I'll be feeding your cat to his enemy cats, I'll be taking a trip out of town. 'Cause you think I don't know --don't consider me slow: I can see that you're sleeping around. CH: You can kick my ass down the Eiffel stairs --I'm a rat to not remember that my love tears bears. You can have your stupid spat: I'll have an elf with a cigarette. I'll be sprouting my wings once I've broken your things. I'll be letting the burglars in free. With my foot on the gas and the rest of the cash --it's the last you'll be hearing from me. CH. Don't come crawling to me. "Walking tall?" Whatever you call it --you and me over. Don't be looking my way. "Ignoring?" Is that how you say it? You and me over! CH.

M: She was my favorite. Who needs an empire? Nobody loves me. I like to read. "M" is for mystery. "C" is for circle. "M" is for Mimi. "M" is for me. This was my birth house. Who needs a statue. I need a future. She needs to breathe. "M" is for maybe. "Q" is for question. "M" is for Mimi. "M" is for me. All by charm does each fool gather her injured kiss. Love makes no one promise. She was my starlight. Who needs an orbit? Nobody wants me. I like to dream. "M" is for marriage. "C" is for children. "M" is for Mimi. "M" is for me. All by charm.... I was choking on the promise, I'm afraid of love --afraid of loving you. "M" is for mirror. "C" is for circle. "M" is for Mimi. "M" is for me.

Mama Earth: Mama, mama where'd I let you down? These fields of brown, they once were green. Mama, mama where'd I let you go? This acid snow fills acid streams. And if I had it all to do again, I think I'd think less about myself. Mama, mama how'd I let you go? I'll never know what beauty means.

Medicine: Lately, I've been staring at your window, hoping for a stolen glimpse of you. Caught up in this undertow of passion, what's a stricken magnet boy to do? Pre-CH: if I could see, I think I'd be more patient with you, dear, but I'm going quite insane here on my own. Chorus: Medicine, medicine, won't you give me what I need? Medicine, medicine, won't you heal me when I bleed? I'm so tired of hurting. Lately, I've been trying to keep you happy in hopes of getting noticed in return. Flirting smiles content me for the moment, but I do not have that much time to burn.

Met Her Through A Friend: I met her through a friend with a thumping in my heart. Said "hi" and shook her hand, but it was only just the start. I think of her all day, her face, her eyes, her hair. Wandering out of my way just to see her when she's there. I met her through a friend --I had loved her from afar. Not only did she mend my heart, but left no scar. Chorus: Met her through a friend, now I know her name for sure, I think about the future and I'm glad I met her through a friend. I met her through a friend and my heart won't be the same. and I never will pretend that love is just a game.

Monsters: Since when do I have obligations to pretend that I don't hold in my hand the key to her, my friend, just because you speak an end to our old respect, more betrayed than I suspect? Yet, if I yield the key, you will force my jealousy. Chorus: We gathered up our lances, though we were the best of friends. A woman can make monsters out of men. Since when must I endure such chivalrous demands? Am I bound to make defense if you challenge me again just because you speak an end to our old respect, more betrayed than I suspect. Yet you will not concede neither must consume the seed. CH. Since when do politics define you for my friend? So I push her from my tend. You've a favor to be sent Just because I speak an end to our old respect, more betrayed than you suspect. Now in this emptiness, both of us will lack her kiss. Since when?

My Every Dream's Come True: Don't you know that you are every bit as slick as fire, every bit as free as wind and rain is free to move about this Earth? Oh you could have anything, anything your heart desires. Anything, so long as you have me. I will be your soldier, I will be your shoulder, something of a savior, husband, lover, clown, and friend. Carry me in the box inside your heart. CH: When I dream at night, every dream is you. When I wake, my every dream's come true. Don't you know that you are every scrap of air I breathe, every piece of love I need to love the air I'm breathing? Oh we could be anywhere, anywhere there's love and air. Anywhere, so long as we're together there. Kiss me at the altar, any time you falter, stumble, cry or fall, that kiss will be my call, and I'll come running, I'll come running. Carry me.... CH. Hey, someday's every day now. Someday is here.

My Fair Lady: You're advertising toothpaste, but I'm buying into you. I see you on the cover with words like fresh and new. And frankly, I'm confused and I don't know what to do --every time I see your picture I always end up feeling blue. I'd send you some fan mail if I knew where to send it, and I'd fix up my heart if I knew how to mend it. I know you don't love me, but hey, I'll pretend it. I can't break this barrier, so I'll just try to bend it. Chorus: My fair lady, it seems such a shame that with the chicks in the pics my heart plays a cruel game. I know I'll get past you like a fancy or a whim, but spare me some pride while I'm out on a limb. Your 8x10 glossy is framed on my wall, and your name is scrawled across it in your sloping, clustered scrawl. I like to look across the room from often where I sit and fade away to dreaming --escaping from this pit. I sent you some fan mail once I knew where to send it, and I'll fix up my heart --soon I'll know how to mend it. I know you don't love me, and soon I shall end it: just a while longer if I can pretend it.

My Princess: My princess may think that I'm crazy, deserve no attention, am probably lazy. My princess may speak to appease me, but deep down inside, she's longing to leave me. Chorus: And you know what I think, it's that she's not for real, that I made this all up just to make myself feel like I work as a person, like I'm some sort of deal, but it's lies I've been telling myself. My princess may kiss and embrace me, undo and erase me, and never quite face me. I may think I keep her from sagging, but I can't imagine I'm really the dragon. CH. Do you suppose I thought that once upon a time you acted as if mine --was it really such a crime? And I'm as tired as you of hearing all the lies, the blackness in disguise, this poisonous surprise. Goodbye. My princess can vacate this palace. Begone with her malice, she's nothing but ballast. Mistaken to treat as a princess a kerosene mistress, but one always wishes.

My Sweet: Good night, my sweet, wherever you are. Those eyes and feet dance strange and afar. These hands should've touched a thousand more times. Oh where will we meet, dear sweetheart of mine.

Neon Girl: Chorus: Moth light, dry light, her eyes shone like twilight. When I first knew her, all the time, these cathode carpets, monoxides. Pale children running wild, running wild. But last time we met "I love him, we'll be married in March, maybe April." And I hope the children follow soon, tiny hands and feet and whees of glee. Her eyes were wet and lucid moons. CH. Last I heard, divorced in May. God forgives, Jesus saves. But I work for charity for love for therapy, for me. This isn't our last dinner --wash my feet, I'm complete. Her eyes I never saw. CH. Wet light, dry light, brief flight, candlelight. The sunset befits you --I never knew.

Nothing: I don't know if I don't know your name. Flowers wilt and sickness will go away. I have nothing to say, and I am saying it. I don't know if I can find my way. Maybe it will be revealed today. I am lost if I stay, so I am leaving. Words are like daggers I turn on myself. "Sorry" is useless, a curse in itself. I'll just abandon and go somewhere else. Oh. I don't know if I can see this chain. Link by link I'm fastened to my fate. I have nothing to say, and I am taking it away.

Numb: Apricot like sugar or perfume on linen --the candle is gold in the hours after dinner. Ever have I known you and never betrayed it, but kiss now the angel whose heart has been waiting. CH: Numb in the arms of love, numb in the arms of love. Every star in the wide sky is a wish of you whispered I. Numb in the arms of love. Passion is a flavor, a sense beyond tasting whose purpose was lost and whose fire was wasting. pampered and resplendent, the secret love haunting, for never knew I what I should've been wanting. CH. always I'll be with you and always adore you, always I'll kiss you and always want more of your penchant for the blissful and hidden space in me. I live for your love and the joy that you bring me.

Obsession: I met a girl and I even thought I liked her. She made me remember all the things that I forgot. She's not the kind that's going to love me forever. I think with time she's going to break me down. I used to love that blue-eyed temptress, I used to do the things she told me. I used to crawl into this mistress --I'd fight the sun for her to hold me. I saw a show, and it looked like me: I had to turn the TV off. I didn't want to see myself; I know with time she's going to break me down. I used to love her naked feet as I followed her through brooks and meadows. We lay together with the sky as our sheets --made me forget all the things I know. CH: Obsession destroys me, obsession makes me whole. You and your flowers don't notice me, you and your heartbeat just walk on by with your head in the bundle scratching salt on my iris and a little black pepper in the heart of your eye. I'm lost in the timber of these catacombs and my heart sweats the drums of strangers' laughter. I'm reaching for something through the cold and slimy. I stare at the ceiling, watching cracks in the rafters. Comfort, you villain, watch her running faster --my life and my ways reduced to a joke. Over my head, the eagles laughing at promises made of frozen smoke. I don't want you, but I know I need you. I might die from this pain in my mind. I'm climbing even though my hands are burning --the tracks I follow are an endless line. CH. When I look will I want what I see, will I want?

Ode to Keri: Leave a nice tip for pretty Keri Sutton down in Pocatello, Idaho. It's been a long, hard night, and nothing's going right, so leave some change before you go. Have a sandwich, but don't be disappointed if it's not what you had in mind. It's been a long, hard night, and nothing's going right, so don't forget to be kind. if your waitress is pretty Keri Sutton, leave her more than her share. It's been a long, hard night, and nothing's going right --give her what kindness you can spare. Early morning, and pretty Keri Sutton hasn't had her beauty sleep. She's tired --her back's been patted, as if that really mattered. Give her a present she can keep. It's been a rough week for pretty Keri Sutton down in Pocatello, Idaho --she found her man in bed with someone else instead, and she has nowhere else to go. Ugly people leave pretty Keri Sutton with slightly less than she's earned. They don't seem to understand she can't buy a second chance. Be patient 'til her luck returns. It's a hard job for pretty Keri Sutton down in Pocatello, Idaho, because who can concentrate in the face of lousy fate, so leave some change before you go. Give a thank you to pretty Keri Sutton and tell her everything is fine. Good deeds shall be returned, a tip to those who've earned so don't forget to be kind. It's been a rough time for pretty Keri Sutton down in Pocatello, Idaho. Her self-esteem's been battered --I think her heart's been shattered, but then I really wouldn't know. A vacation for pretty Keri Sutton is probably coming up real soon. To Paris, France, or London, all that she needs is funding, so try to leave a buck or two. Come tomorrow and pretty Keri Sutton will find a new place she can stay. She's just like everyone, just wants to have some fun, so leave a big tip when you pay. Leave a nice tip for pretty Keri Sutton down in Pocatello, Idaho. She's had a long hard night, and nothing's going right, so leave some change before you go.

One After the Other: This vine will be the death of you, my apple-breated light. You're kissing like a mouth denied, but your wet wings won't take flight. Hunger, hunger rings the bell --it dulls your pretty life. Whimper like a dog a-caged with the dangled bait in sight. CH: One after the other, your threads have come undone. If you could do things all again, would anything get done? Holding on to what you know, you have your right to fear. For one after the other, your virtues disappear. "Victim," such a net to catch the tumbles of our lives. Abuse it as you please, my dear, perceive it through your eyes. Pity, pity rings that bell --it dulls your pretty life. Thrashing like a fish in pain, an easy meal tonight. CH. Close down. Candles, too, must fade. Look now, brightly shines the day. Hold on, find another, find another page. One after the other, shed your chains like water.

One Will Win You: She, the queen of Holland, will have need of an irregular American boy, a stranger seeking water, I will be her only guide. Watch as I presume her wonders one by one --her smart jokes in crude jars, her weeping heart wants food. CH: A dream we shared, a sign --they all will want you, one will win you. She, the mask of baubles, and behind her I have put my heart. A bottle for an endless thirst, I will fill her with the things I want. Watch, as I --the thief of dreams-- assume desire. I am her secret heroin, fixed butter-thick in dulcet veins.

The Opposite is True: I know for 100% certain that the Evans Sound Warehouse stole my $10. It wasn't Ken's fault, the cashier I remember from English in eighth grade where we read Don Quixote, but rather the manager, who claims to have counted twice in three minutes a drawerful of money, concluding beforehand that I was the suspect. I'd like to dismember whatever bright adman is handing out labels with "X" for my age group. Just because I'm twenty, I don't think Kurt Cobain took any words out of my mouth. CH: It seems to me that once, the things you could do were supposed to be quite many, and the couldn't were quite few, but now I think the opposite is true. Although I don't drink, I think it's a farce I could die for my country and do time for a beer. I guess we can vote, but we've proven we won't. I hope I still care in another short year. To legalize drugs is not about crime, but rather if we will decide for ourselves. Policies suck when compromise-bound; neither Clintons nor Doles give two shits for your health.

Oui, Je Sais: Sophie's in the river and the river floods the trees. Sophie's in the water --Sophie's in it past her knees. They say she's like her mama; in her day, she was a queen. But Sophie has the fairest face I think I've ever seen. Chorus: Oui, je sais ton coeur n'est pas le coeur enfant, you are no babe upon your lonely mama's knee. Mais oui, je sais ton coeur est fait pour seulement moi. Your heart was made for only, made for only me. Sophie's in the kitchen dark, Sophie's in my bed, Sophie's in my wooden heart, and Sophie's in my head. They say to watch her sleeping is to wash your sorrows clean, but Sophie has the saddest face I think I've ever seen. Chorus. Frère Jacques.... Lord bless us and this ambulance and steer us to our dreams. Her simple, honest circumstance I pray that I might keep. They say that none can love her, but I don't know what they mean. Sophie is the only one, the only one for me. Yes, I know your heart is not that of a child, you are no babe upon your lonely mama's knee. But yes, I know your heart was forged to fit my hand and it belongs to only, always only me.

Paradise: Duet Male: Walking and talking to myself again. I awake from one more dream, I shake you off again. Duet Female Counterpoint: I'm alone, I cannot sleep. I pace the floor again. Walking and talking to mysefl again. Pre-CH con tutti: I wish I hadn't let you go. Without you here, I need you so. CH: Paradise in three little words. Paradise found and lost again. Duet Male: I repent for one more sin. I look away again. Thinking and sinking in too deep again. Duet Female Counterpoint: Pent up and spent up. I'm afraid again. I escape from one more snare. I won't look back again.

Peace's Bane: The empty life has nowhere to fight and no reason to wound and shoot them. Forgotten youth, the awful truth of war and persecution. Atomic bombs and mournful songs, the price of pride and glory. The nation's fears the soldier hears and responds with faithful duty. Shoot one, shoot all the orders call, yelled by generals of black. Without your brain, you go insane upon humanity's rack. Your mind is twisted, contorted and blistered by the murders so dreadfully committed. A mother's plea for her son to be free hopelessly obliterated.

Peach Cider: As envisioned, this was to be said by your poor little Apple's voice synthesizer, but perhaps it could be done in another, better fashion. Fuzzy navel, fuzzy quim, keeps it trim. Those legs wrapped round, those legs wrapped round. Wrapped. Rapt. Rapture fruit.

Pretty Things: Lonely, empty chairs and chatter play their part. Feeling like I never felt a thing. Pushing on a wall to hold it up or hold me back. Clutching onto rusty kinds of dreams. CH: Fill my world with pretty things then crush them all before me. Leafy shadow green, just chalk me where I fall. Feeling like I must have killed the king. Eating in the dirt, I do not count for anyone I know. Triggerman, my prey, took everything.

Prophecy: Once there was a dark time when men lived in fear and silence, but there was a ray of hope --a prophecy. The prophecy told of the coming of five. These five would shatter the prison walls of silence. The five would be called Rook. The day of liberation has arrived.

Salad Shooter:Slicing up carrots and mincing up meat and throwing in garbage and food from last week. It's fun to shoot salad, my God it's so neat, salad shooter. Spitting out croutons and dressing and cheese --it's hard to distinguish the birds from the bees. Throw in your dog and get rid of its fleas, salad shooter. Trimming the hedge and cutting your hair, for shaving your legs, it's better than Nair. It'll make oatmeal from Snuggles the bear, salad shooter. Flip on the blades --it's not so hard. It's another great way to shuffle your cards. Garden Weasel can't compare when you're working the yard, salad shooter. It's got so many functions, it'll blow you away: it can cut down the rain forest in just half a day! You know that you want it so don't dare delay: just pick up that pencil and order today.

Savage Rhythm In Our Hearts: sweet young lass with a candy-sugar ass and an avalanche of breasts thunder down her chest, legs that stretch forever, smiling, whispered pleasures. It's a savage rhythm that drives us all up each and every fucking wall, I see her here, I see her there, the Venus with her flaxen hair. Sly, these masturbations. The woman, the ad that conquers the nation. The way she looks and smacks and jiggles, advertisements bounce and giggle, cigarettes dance and wiggle, all to sell you sex. Why are we preoccupied? Look in the paper and there you'll find that the basic nature of all man is gluttony, greed and then sex. If this song turns you on, listen on to get your kicks. Master man's gonna need some sex. When I look around, the concrete men and priests do frown. We got more of sweet honey, born to strive for sex and money. They might have to see the savage image of pornography, love's sweet avarice, lose to the turning and sweet caress of a magazine. It's a rhythm, it's a rhythm, it's a savage carnal rhythm. It's a rhythm, it's a beat, it's a Siamese trick-up beat.

Send Me a Letter: Why won't you answer my letters? Why won't you pick up the phone? To coin a cliché, together we're one, we stay two when we're alone. CH: You know, I didn't do anything to you, and I won't let you forget me. When I say "write soon," I won't let you regret me. Why don't you send me a postcard? Why don't you drop me a line? You say that you will, but never do you seem to get any free time. Send me a letter, enclose a picture, don't let this falter --please.

Send Me your Heart: I like to sleep in in the morning, I like to stay out late at night. I like to see you with your hair down, I like to do what I think's right. I like the way you wear your make-up, I like to think about your face. I'd like to order you some flowers and take you out someplace. So send me your heart on a string. If you don't want me to have it, you can always pull it back. So send me your heart on a string tonight. You've got a silky, sultry voice. It's a smooth and sexy drawl. And if I had a choice, I think I'd choose to take it all. Smooth and luscious words, a light and happy laugh. A flock of dreamy birds in a marble birdbath. I listen to the song of your conversation, and I try to sing along --irresistable sensation. CH. You don't answer my letters and you don't answer my calls, but I will be persistent and just get up when I fall. I'd like to have your heart. I'd like to real you in as well. You're absolutely lovely, and I'm under your spell.

She's Back In Love: CH: She's back in love, I'm back in pain. She's back in love, I'm crazy again. She's back in love, I need to have everything. She's back in love; her magic's so promising. Who ever said that happiness is everything? She's back in love. Yellow, like the flowers in the vase is the shirt around her waist and the sunlight in her hair as I watch her sitting there. Blue, like the water in the sea, are her eyes--they dance so free-- and the skirt around her hips. As she drinks, I watch her sip. Red, like the flame within the fire, to her lips I must aspire, like the blood within my veins and the heart that brings me pain like the heart within her breast or newborn birds inside a nest and all the polish on her nails blazed like the trees that mark the trails. Nervous as hell, shaking all over, my voice is much higher than I want it to be. No kiss and tell, no telling when that is, like watching a rainstorm, I'll just wait and see. Green, like the leaves upon the trees are the stains upon our knees, and the moments in the park as we step out of the dark. Silver, like the fish within the stream is the truth behind the dream and the rings within her ears, silver linings all these years. Black, like the midnight in the sky is the pupil of her eye, and like the stars that dot the night, within her eyes shine sparks of light. And on the blackness of the road, there are the lines to guide you home. And as I'm kissing her goodnight, I feel her heartstrings hold me tight. CH. It's that same old sad song over again, reminds me of times I thought would never end when you weren't too sophisticated to have me for a friend. I loved you, now I wonder just where have you been? Will you go if I stay, I begged you know, but you left anyway. There is no place that I could be without her. She's in my heart and she's in my dreams. There is no way that I could ever doubt her --everythings simple just as it seems. mary, go 'round, try not to fall down, if you hit the ground, then try not to frown. I hear the rainsong echo in the night, thunder light, lightning bright, raindrops flight. The puddles whisper, "rain on."

She's the One: Somewhere in her heart a magnet that I cannot see. Still, when I get close, I feel it like she's wanting me. This is it, I know the falling and the gravity. Every risk deserves its moment, every wish is free. CH: She's my baby, she's my baby, she's the one, she's the one. All this, all this air between us is so said and gone. Every drop of love's spent lustre pools and lingers on. Even as I chase your long and lithe and blushing tones, i can feel that Spring is coming to my Winter bones. CH. Anyway she goes, she wounds me, and she loves me not. I will never know the faces of the roads forgot. I must now devote my passions to a magic ship, sailing through the cracks and clockworks, my mistakes unripped.

Shy Birds: "Come and take me dancing," she said "come and solve my problems. Don't you leave me beaten --don't let me dissolve." And so I try to utter forth again. CH: Shy birds find their wings won't take them high enough. Shy birds try sometimes too hard. But I will pluck you from that bough --bring you down somehow. "What could be the matter," she said, "don't you think I'm sexy here? Come a little closer --touch me 'cause I like your fear." And so I force myself to try again. CH. The big picture, swift hands on the clock I know, still you have the strangest way of saying no. Even if I see the storm, I can't avoid it. The hail may come down on me, and I throw myself to join it.

Sleep With Him: CH: You can't eat, you can't sleep, and you can't say goodbye. You can't laugh, you never dance, and you can't even cry. Well, you don't have the strength to leave, but you can carry on, so you just sleep with him. Don't you know I'm the one for you? Yes you do, yes you do, yes you do. Don't you know that my heart is true? Yes you do. CH. Somewhere in the shades of grey is the lie that guides your heart. Somewhere in our broken way is the truce that makes us part. I don't know how to tell you how to really feel --it's a hopeless thing to start. Somewhere in the coming days is the dawn that breaks this dark. CH. Tired out and so long ago is the seed that waits for rain. Dried out in a cracking way in a salty acid plain. I don't know how to break it --how to end the drought. It's a cloud I really need. Tired out and so sick of sleep, and your piss just brings me pain. CH. Love is like a suicide --there's no way to take it back. Love is like an alibi so your heart won't find the facts. I don't know how to tell you how to find the one that you want to fall for you. Love is like a hunger strike, and I'm starving in this room. CH. Don't you know I'm the one for you? Yes you do. Don't you know that my heart is true? Yes you do. Don't I know you can't control the way you really feel? Yes I do. Sadder than a broken heart is the heart that cannot move.

Slime Bunnies: We are still in the land of reverse! Slime Bunnies from hell, they came from the abyss and boy did they smell, they were slime bunnies from hell. Hop bunny bunny go jump go bunny bunny hop. Me loves bunny but kill but bunny loves me. CH: Slime Bunnies from hell. Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bunny. Slime Bunnies from hell. Wasn't very fuzzy, was he? Bunny bunny birthday, bunny bunny good time. Little Bunny Foo-Foo hopping through the forest, picking up the field mice and bopping them on the head. CH. It's my birthday too, yeah. Kiw de wabbit!

Spell: Have you known hypnosis? Have you seen where the shortcut goes? All my love is silent. Have you heard what your worry knows? All my thoughts are deadly, and you seem like a pretty girl. Chorus: Cast you under my spell. I'm so lonely. Cast you under my spell. Now you love me. Have you had the philter? Have you ached with a tailored thirst? All my past is failure --oh I tried to be normal first. All my dreams are scary, and you seem like a tasty fly. Chorus. Have you ever wondered how the real fire of magic starts? All my tricks confuse me --oh, you probably know it all. All my captives bore me, and you hate me without a mask.

Standing: Smell their horses on the wind down from the hills? Soon, these bridges built for commerce will betray you to the piracy and parasites of pending snow. You cannot weather this alone. Hide your daughter, bring your rusty rifle down, put your money in the mattress, put the mattress in the ground --it is time for you to make a stand: will you survive or stand alone. CH: I'm standing right beside you. Yeah, we'll do what we must do. Feel them pressing on the sun to push it down. Faith will bring a new morning. Like an ink of rats, they spread to cover every scrap of precious ground, still through the plague, I stick around. Smell the snap of smoke --the distant snap of lead. Let the blood like a river. With their anchor cut, the dawn is free, the morning and its eastern spread ignite the bodies of the dead. CH. No reason to return, no reason to hold on. Wait, there is just one. Hear her whisper "is it safe to come on out?" Sense the secret connection, feel the anger in your throat, you tie me up and drag me through the town then watch the river take me down. I wanted to belong here. Yeah, do what you gotta do.

Starry Eyes: My darling, will you ever listen to me? Can't you read the way I look at you? Why can't you see? I just can't contain myself, but yet I can't tell you how I feel. I don't know what is in my mind from what is really real. Pre-CH: It's time to make some time to talk about the future. I can't go on this way, not knowing when I'll see you. CH: I look at once into your starry eyes. How can you use those eyes to lie? I still linger on when you think I am gone. I couldn't leave you if I tried. My darling, will you ever follow your heart? Can't you see the way I'm stuck on you? I can't stant to be apart. I just can't control myself, but yet I don't know where to start. I don't know what is common sense from what is in my heart.

Sticks and Stones: I don't even care about the times you told me lies. I don't even care when you look at other guys. i don't even care about the promises you've broken --you're always there when I need you most. After all, baby, it's only the blues, and I've hurt worse, to tell you the truth. Just don't ever leave, whatever you do, because where would I be if I was without you. Pre-CH: I look in your eyes and it's all all right; it's all I need. CH: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but you can break my heart. What's the deal baby, how do you feel? Will we be torn apart? I don't really miss the records that you took, and I don't really care about your mean left hook. I don't even care that your cats ate my shoes. All I need to know is that I can count on you. After all, baby, it's only your temper. If I use some patience then things will get better. I love you, my darling, I'll give 'til it hurts. I know that you'll tell me the kindest of words. Pre-CH CH. I don't even care about your passion for sushi, and I think that you're cute when you tell me I'm crazy. No matter the price, I've got to be with you, 'cause you always lift me when I'm feeling blue. After all baby, opposites attract, and any time I leave, you know I'll always come right back. Don't need no money, as long as you're near. Promise me darling, you'll always be here. What about those contacts that give you purple eyes? Well, I love you the same --even in disguise. As for my drums, I know that they're loud, but I'm always happy to know that you're proud. After all, baby, we're only in love, and when I get to thinking, it's you that it's of. After all, baby, it's only romance, and you're just so sweet to give me this chance. Sticks and stones, baby, sticks and stones, but you won't break my heart. I love you so much, not even sticks and stones will ever tear us apart.

Struggle to the Top: Don't let yourself sink to the bottom, you've got to struggle to the top. Things change when people make them happen, you've got to go with what you've got. CH: I'm making changes in my life. I'm gonna make it happen. Take your hunger, take despair, take wonder anywhere. You'll make it, wait and see. Make a mountain of your molehill, take your seed and make it sprout. Only you can make it happen, don't wallow in self- doubt. Only you can really know what you've got when it all comes down, when they give the call to go. Don't weigh yourself down with your doubts and your worries. Just swallow some courage and let yourself go.

Sudden Realization: Flashes like sparks through sawdust disturb the meal I have no focus my eyes wander in a ravenous gaze of reckless, simple pounding like a leaden point that sheds my skull like cardboard from my brain, and in the breeze my head has never known lilt whispers of mistakes I've made --I feel I may be drying up whilst bubbles peck my crown and scrap my thoughts in lurid cinemas of waste I look to see that no one cares as if I were another shrimp and peeling made me tangible, appealing to the olfact and sensible at last.

Sustain: I feel to remain, there needs to be more to sustain --too much pain, nothing gained. CH: So you want to dance to my song, well ain't that neat. You don't care what I'm saying just as long as there's a beat. But me, I'm rarely satisfied that quick --I need to hear more for a song to click. So dance to my songs if you like, but listen to the lyrics because they took some time to write. If you don't understand that's all right. Amnesty is granted, resolution is in sight. Sustain. I feel for a song to remain in your heart, it needs to sustain a memory.

Sylvan Wisdom: Hymns and songs of long ago tell of warriors fighting an evil foe. With covered swords of thy fallen steel, the wounded evil is left to heal. The flooding skies, the sylvan know, the balance torn forevermore. CH: But man just reaps what he can take, the trees, the Earth, the fields of wheat. To satisfy his swelling need, he rapes the Earth, the evil deed. Slender long-haired maidens fair, young and brave now dying there. There is no honor in a slaughtered kiss, long-haired maidens in a ditch. There is much terrible forgiven by the mass, evil disasters hidden in the night. Man, the glory gone and done, the gardens now his own front yard. CH. Rise up now, and take a stand. Looks right through my even hand. In the book of time are the histories made --listen to the wisdom of the elven sages. Terra firma and with our music, this your life your Earth you're losing. The sputtering mile, the sylvan know, the age will hum forevermore. Close to the elves we would be wise to see his lessons and his voice. This elven nomad, men should hear --the time of the Earth is meddled near. We gather and we hum, then we listen no one, sad and blind to his demands. CH.

Teenage Crop: I missed you today at the bus stop, guess I'm growing up too slow. Just another stalk in the teenage crop that's growing out of control. I hear you got yourself a new boyfriend, i hear he's got a new car. I hear you've been in the back seat. I hear things went a little bit too far. CH: I guess I was just too young for you, still believing in my dreams. Now you've joined the adult world, or so you might think it would seem. He said he's stay with you forever, no matter how tough things became, but he didn't mention that if ever you got pregnant, things wouldn't be the same. So now you're all alone again, shunned by your parents and your friends. You need a shoulder to cry on --I'll be here 'til the very end. So start your new life tomorrow, plan ahead, not just for today. Don't you wallow in sorrow, I'll be with you all the way.

The City: We hit the highway as the sun goes down, another sunset wasted on the people. She listens slowly as the radio starts talking, but she's not thinking and the words are in her way. The open window sends a chill into my eyes, but I'm too busy just to close it. The dotted lines are always longer when you drive, but no one likes to see the obvious. CH: Set me free in the city after dark, flashing lights, can you save me? More machines in the city after dark --it's enough to drive me crazy. We hit the restaurant when there's no one there. We order coffee, waiting for the action. She says she loves me in the back of her mind, she watches cars, waiting for excitement. We drink the coffee as a passing thought. Concrete canyons a little bit like mazes. We pass the buildings built like boxes full of stars, but you can't wish upon an office. CH. We hit the streets with a semblance of an attitude, in that respect we're like all the other lemmings. We laugh and speak, but we really say nothing; we're all machines in this modern-day wonder. I take her home and am lost in her happily --I know this won't be the last time. We kiss goodnight and she lingers there graciously, but she could use some attention.

Time For Goodbye: I can still taste your kiss goodbye, I can still feel you in my heart. The lump's still in my throat --I can't stand for us to be apart. Circumstance brought you to me and now it's taking you away down the long and dusty road on the midnight bus to Santa Fe. My shirt is still damp from the tears you shed for us, and I'll still miss you when I'm old --I'll always see you getting on the bus. CH: Time for goodbye, I'll let you go now. Please say you'll write, and don't forget how you used to sigh. Please do just these things for me: just never change and save a seat in your heart for me. I can still smell your winter smell --fresh like the first crisp snowflake. I can still taste your spring perfume lingering on your slender neck. If you were still here, I'd have a smile on my face, and if I wait a hundred years, I guess that's what it takes. If I believed it, I would pray to get you back, but I know you're gone for good. You're a part of me that's dying slowly --it's something I never understood. CH. I can still hear your tender voice telling me I'll find someone else. That's the only time I could not find it in me to believe the words you said. And if I had shelter, I am grateful for the comfort, but now I get to know the rain. And every footstep back behind me sounds just like you've come back again. And as I sit and think of actions, I feel a hand upon my back, and then I turn to see your smiling face and I kiss you 'cause you're back.

Tongue: I think you really need a ghost in your machine. You make a stern defense in lieu of common sense. Fear not the guillotine --I know that I'm not free. CH: Would you cut my tongue to make it say a different word? Time will have the final say, but i will keep my tongue today. You say that there are times control makes better lives, but when the pieces fit, I say you don't have shit. Fear not the gallows' rope --I live or die on hope. If I'm kept by a wall, then I'm not free at all, so I fly, so I fly. CH. You are eager to have order here, what's a little smear upon the wall. If I light candles here, maybe I can burn my fear. If I'm kept by a wall, then I'm not free at all. To the skies I must fly to be free finally.

Top Jake: "No" could not be enough --how could I know what I wanted anyway? you thought, so you dragged me away. How could my life ever get tough --you would always tell me what I wanted anyway. Your hands on a ball of clay. Pre-CH: You made me sit so still, you made me follow your rules, you made me swallow my words and choke to death --you were so cruel. I had to stay up late becuse I needed to cry to live I had to wash my ears to cleanse them of self- righteous shit. CH: Well, I don't need you, Top Jake. I'm big and I'm on my own. Don't try to fill my mind with all of your emotions, go so far away Top Jake. I just can't be your clone --don't try to waste my time with all of your devotions. Go far away, Top Jake, so far away, so far away. I just have to be myself --you'll never know what I wanted anyway. I was your helpless prey. Talking to my pillow when things got rough. I couldn't meet girls --you made me so afraid. I couldn't go out and play. Spider on a hot plate, light the fire and watch him jump, he'll just burn up, burn up 'cause he can't get away. CH. "Go" could not make you leave --you never knew what I wanted anyway. It's the same old thing today. I could not make you see I knew what I wanted yesterday --I just needed to get away.

Torn to Pieces: All my love for you will fade 'cause I won't wait for you until the end of time. Patience is no virtue when you're not mine. If I made a fool of myself, would you go to someone else? Would you shut me up in a box and confine me with its locks? I could walk a million miles, but I'd still come back to you. Everything is out of order, and I don't know what to do. CH: Tear my heart to pieces --I don't need it without you. I won't wait for you until the end of time. If I told you one more time that I love you like a crime, would you tell me what I could do to get in close to you? I could walk a million miles, but I'd still go round and round. Everything is temporarily hanging upside-down. CH. I won't kiss your lips goodnight 'cause you won't wait for me until the end of time. Resistance here is useless --you can't fight time. You can break my heart tonight, but I won't need it 'til the very end of time. Take it, I don't need it --you're not mine.

Train: Everybody knows about the train, everybody knows about the mystery and the sway. Everybody knows about the way fate uses trains. Hold me like a pillow in the dark, rock and rumble swiftly on the rails around my heart. This is not my least pathetic part --this simple start. CH: Do you feel like dancing or running in those shoes? Do you feel like kissing like I do? Everybody knows about the rain, everybody knows about the patter and the spray. Everybody knows about the way love uses rain. Touch me like an arrow strikes a tree --smother me with needles and then cover me with leaves. Rupture every inch and let me bleed. oh, bury me. CH. Everybody knows about the moon, everybody knows about the flutter and the swoon. Everybody knows the siren's tune that fills the moon. Everybody knows about the train, everybody knows about the things you have to say. Everybody knows about the day it pulls away. CH. I was choking on the promise --I'm afraid of love. I'm afraid of loving you.

Two Make One: One stupid me. Star bed. The fear is you --in sex tattoed. CH: Love, sex, you, me. All fear. Take bed: through two make one. These red stars dead --fresh. The black is all blood between wars. CH. Winter tomorrow and blood love life. Your star washed so down. Exterminate.

Wandering Eye: Someone get a doctor, I'll go lie down over there --gonna tell him about this problem and he'll listen and he'll care. I'm in love with every waitress, every passing girl I see. My wandering eye affliction has begun to worry me. My eyes are my addictions, close like fingers in a glove, but I've got to kick this habit 'cause there's a girl I really love. I think about this girl --think about her all day. Her name still echoes memory even though she's far away. CH: Blind me, doctor, blind my wandering eye, make me only see my love. I lack the concentration to ammend my situation. Help me to see straight through my wandering eye. I need to enter treatment, need to make up for lost time, with conviction I'll recover from my straying, wandering eye. True love's my new addiction, let her face shine through the night. On her strong and lasting beacon, I will finally fix my sights.

Water Drowns Men at Any Depth: We could be a pair in winter, paired to warm this room. Sing you like a bird of slumber, drag you like the moon. We could be a pair in summer, paired to scorch this noon. Sing you like a crack of thunder, break like the monsoon. Karma is consistent in the currency of crushes --what fool a fucker fooler man am I? CH: Siren in the orchestra, siren on my breath. Water drowns the sailor man, drowns at any depth. We could be a pair in autumn, paired to burn this trash. Sing you like the fall of paper, hang you like a sash. We could be a pair come Easter, paired to end a fast. Sing you like a lonesome ocean, stand you like a mast. Kindness is contagious in the carrion of courtship --what fool a fucker fooler man am I? CH. Tickety-tack, my heart speaks out, she waves, but walks away. We could be a pair forever, paired to paint a house. Sing you like a choir of angels, sneak you like a mouse. We could be a pair entangled, paired about the mouth. Sing you like a wolf in winter, creep you like a doubt. Clutter is comingled with the clarity of questions --what fool a fucker fooler man am I?

Why Should I Fly?: Should I love her? Should I wonder? I don't know where to go. She's a-gone, dressed up in lace. The sun never shines on my face. Chorus: Why, oh why should I fly? Beauty's lost, place unknown. Why, oh why should I cry? CH. Miss her light covering my fear. Then I wipe the tears away. Sunrise no more, wander again. Why, oh why should I fly?

Wings to Carve: I might have made a meal of you, I might have gone too far. I came to put your head on glass, I came to shoot a star. CH: Another salve, another cure, another curse to solve. The snow falls down in torrents now, and I've got wings to carve. No more tilting in me, for my courage lost the horse. These mills, in fact, did break me -- truer giants safe and warm. I see you safe to save me, if I kiss you will you wake me? I see you whisper maybe if I kiss you, angel save me. CH. This blanket spreads all white of frost, and all the rainbow's colors lost. I drink you though my tongue is rust, and all the rainbow's colors dust. I see you safe to save me, if I kiss you will you wake me? I see you whisper maybe if I kiss you, angel save me.

Winter Wind: Oh winter wind, don't blow my life away today --I've not the heart to run and catch it. Don't spread me thin, I've just the skin upon my back, and my hide has had its beatings, don't you lash it. For she has made me see too clear the error of my ways, and I'm doing all I can to try and change them. A stubborn ass like me will be his bane for all his days and he'll drown, a lonely bastard, in the ocean. CH: Winter wind, don't blow me down. Oh winter wind, don't blow my kisses to her ear, for it hurts me just to know that she ignores them. And winter wind, don't blow me phrases from my dear, for I cringe upon the mention of her new man. Winter wind, don't blow me scent of loving from her bed, for my tears would sooner choke me than befriend me. But if I must be blown, then blow me when the sun is set and I'll drown, a lonely bastard, in the sea. CH. Oh winter wind, don't let me hear the things she says, for I'd rather just believe that she still loves me. Don't whip my face with ice from north and far away for these tears will freeze forever in my eye. If I sit and wait, I think I'll see the sun again, and this land will thaw and green with softest heather. Maybe with the spring, she'll lay some flowers on my grave and remember how I died in colder weather.

With You Now: I am so cold when you're not near. Please hurry home, I need you here. I need to stare into your eyes. I need to hear your tender lies. I need to feel your warm embrace. I need to see your pretty face. I need to catch your falling star. I need to hold you in my heart. Pre-CH: And everything I've done so far only serves to keep you warm inside my heart. CH: I have looked and I have found all I need with you now. In your love I could drown, take me there with you now. You are so right, I can't go wrong. I need your warmth to keep me strong. I need to whisper in your ear, I need to vanquish all my fears. I want to take you to the moon, come on, let's go, can't leave too soon. I want to say the honest truth, you ought to know that I love you.

Without You: I can't believe the things you say sometimes --it's like I never knew you at all. You're so peculiar when you're telling me lies --it's like I never knew you at all. Once in a while, your soul comes near me and everything is how it should be with you or without you. CH: And I would be happier without you, but my dreams wouldn't be the same. I can't believe the things you do sometimes --it's like I never knew you at all. Idiosynchratic, drives me out of my mind --it's like I never knew you at all. Once in a while, your heart stops beating and suddenly you're so far away with you or without you. I don't know what I'm waiting for, I don't know if it's worth the time. Sometimes hearts are meant to be broken. Sometimes dreams are meant to die. CH. I don't know what I see in you, but I still see it when you're gone. Sometimes promises are empty. Sometimes memory is all I have. CH. I don't know why I still keep your face. I don't know why I still hurt myself. Sometimes smiles are just the surface. Underneath your smile, you're someone else. CH. What I'm waiting for is hopeless. The world is falling down, and I am standing still.

You Could Be The One: Anybody can tell -- test you with a razor and you're sharp as sharp can be. Desperation can smell blood upon the water like a hammerhead at sea. Won't you wash my loneliness away? If I gave you my word, would you still believe me and the stupid things I say? CH: You could be the one, tick-tock ticking clock still moving on. Didn't my mama tell me there'd be someone just like you? I'm a fool in my heart, stumble operator, so I'm walking really slow. You could tear me apart: push me with a pencil and I'd drift away like snow. Won't you breathe some life into my life? In the dark of your eye, could I light a candle so it warmed you up inside? CH. In the middle of night, sodium and cirrus like I'm walking in a dream. I could drill like a mole --cut away the plaster like a ghost to make you scream. Don't I capture something in your eye? Don't I capture something in your eye?

You Didn't Have to Put My Life Away: Tell the judge and tell the jury I'm prepared to make my plea. Did it all for love, I'm guilty. Lock my cage up with love's key. When you find yourself alone some day, you'll be sorry you left me. I'll be sitting in my prison, wishing I could be set free. You didn't have to put my life away. CH: Don't make it sound like a fairy tale, you've got me hanging by a chain. I could've guessed that our love would fail --I didn't figure on the pain. You will find yourself alone one day and you'll regret it when you are. I'll be sitting in my prison, reaching for the brightest star. You didn't have to put my life away.