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UFO Catcher: Fortnight (Studio, 2004)





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The Songs

The Sound My Heart Makes/At First Sight/I Don't Fear It Anymore/Love Is All The Gold/Catnip/ Can't Stop The Avalanche/Lullaby/Goodbye, Dream/Happy/Shark-Sad Circles/Worth My Weight/Come Home Soon/Fortnight/Birdsong/Lucky Man

all songs written and arranged by Cody Weathers (c)(p)2004, Cody Weathers, all rights reserved. No stealing the worthless material, OK?

Additional MP3 Singles:

Don't Hate the Players: 

Cody Weathers: All voices and instruments except....


Vaunne Weathers: Participation

Cara Weathers: additional scat on Catnip.




    Liner Notes


    14 songs actually 15 in 14 days recorded in 15 months for $14. Four score and seven years ago our forefathers foretold that Fortnight was fortified with forty-proof forkin' rock and roll. Fortastic!



    Not to be outdone by mercurial megastar and peer, W. Axl Rose, Weathers proclaimed through his oracles shortly after the completion of Free Horse Manure that he had entered a prolonged period of rumination during which he would shift his focus from writing and recording songs to the infinitely-more-challenging thinking about writing and recording songs.  "I've pretty much fully explored the action-oriented side of my inner artist, but what about the immovable object of my next album?  How better to get in tune with this abstraction than by doing nothing?" 
    Enter the irresistible force of UFO Catcher bandmate Vaunne Weathers.
    "I told him he needed to stop moping and do something besides watch TV."
    And so the seed was planted by the master gardener.  Mrs. Weathers elaborates, "This year, I decided to grow some plants from seed, but now they're mostly dead because they got too hot."  As they say, if you can't take the heat....  "Freakin' seeds!"
    "My eyes were pried open by the seed incident," says Cody, "Or else it was that we stopped getting cable, but anyway, somehow I was tuned into the whole fragility of life, and also I somehow believed that Guns N'Roses had finally --suddenly-- released Chinese Democracy, but then it turned out to be just a rumor, or maybe they did release an album; I'm not sure, but if you suggest I look it up on the internet, you can just keep on truckin' because I won't do that.  So I was kind of in this odd imbalanced state, wondering if my sympathetic non-writing period could end, and that's when I got this idea that I would write 14 songs in 14 days."
    "So I did it.  Except I didn't count very carefully and ended up writing 15 songs in 15 days, which I only discovered later when I sat down to record the songs, and I was writing them down in my PeeChee, and I was making little marks after every five songs and I was like, 'Hey.... wait a minute, that's not right.... oh man!"
    Adds Vaunne, "Freakin' typical."
    And so Fortnight came into being.  14 songs written in 14 days plus one more song written the next day after that.  This album represents a return to roots for the Checkmate braintrust and is easily their best album in at least a year, proving that when the chickens come home to roost, the chickens rock.  Rock on, chickens.





    The Sound My Heart Makes: Forever, and I knew the second I caught a glimpse. At once, I was free of the purposeless weight in my eyes. And I knew there was no question if, just when, and praying for soon. The worth of the world is a treasure hid deep, but if you find it, stop looking. Pre-CH: You were the only girl that I ever adored, and you were the one true thing in my life. CH: And I know you by your face, but first I know you by the sound my heart makes. A secret and then a shock when the truth was out. All voltage is tension turned loose. And I knew there was no question why, just how, and praying for right. Is a heart attack good if the shock you get brings you new life? (Pre-CH/CH)


    At First Sight: At first sight, the only line into your heart was over-tangled in a knot, an endless, complicated snake. That first night, I didn't dream of you at all, but in my lonely bed, my heart had come awake. At first light, I went about my daily ways, but something different in the maze --the smell of cheese. CH: You would be the one for me. So I tried to look for happiness around, and as my hopes went up and down, my heart said, "she has not been found." And you tried to find a love worth fighting for. You travelled bravely shore-to-shore, and yet your heart said, "something more." (CH) And in my old age, I hope I'll be a happy grandpa walking by the sea. All my life, I've been a failure and a fool, but then I took a chance or two and turned the corner into you. So, my wife, although it took a little time, I wouldn't change this knotted line which --once unraveled-- made you mine.


    I Don't Fear It Anymore: These days, I am dead from sleep, and I know that you have so much on your mind. I drown in the crap I weep. Hush, hush, I have no right to complain this way, and I never long for a time when I did not awake to you. CH: I don't know what it is, but it feels like I don't fear it anymore. This way is the death of me, and I know that there is nothing we can do. I float to the hours I keep. Crush, crush, and my heart still bleeds with you so red, and I often think of a time when I had simple smiles and tears. (CH) In my heart, my true companion, serenade and wait the worst days through. I will be that lasting compass. Bless each dream and one day they come true.


    Love Is All The Gold: Shoulda, coulda, oughta been different now if different then. Time is gone and stains are set, keep it dry or get it wet. Wait and see, wait for me, keep a match aside. Love and marriage, sex and rope, hearts the ocean wide. CH: Love is risk, my friend, I'll never know the end. Love is risk, my friend, but love is all the gold. Sit at home and watch the movies, funny faces, pretty boobies. Play the station, make the touchdown, sleep and eat and travel downtown. Kiss my wife, do my chores, count my pennies, check the scores. Keep it clean, get it dirty, losing hair and pushing thirty. (CH) This is home, everybody go home. Few have travelled through this winter, fewer thought to try. Accidents have brought me hither --accidents made wise. Try to find the thread I follow, try to find the line. Sun a-setting, set to reckoning, trusting not mine eyes.


    Catnip: It could be that Cupid is a fairy tale, like Martians or bottomless coffeepots. And I can remember when I came into town as the clumsiest clown you had seen. Maybe it's the first time, maybe it's the last time, but baby, the moment is ripe. CH: I'm your catnip. I'm an itching spell, and once you get me, gotta scratch me. It could be that romance is a dying art, and that broken hearts are the rule. But I can remember how we suffered apart and made do with the cards that we drew. Maybe it's the moonlight, maybe it just feels right, but baby, this arrow's for you. (CH) Baby loves to purr, baby loves to purr, baby likes the itch.


    Can't Stop The Avalanche: Get in the groove and spin, spin, spin. Mesmerized by numbers, make it win. Win, go team, go home and sleep. Count the little numbers on the little bo-peep. I make-a-you biscuit smooth and warm. Work and groove is its own reward. Spin and make the team say win. CH: I can't stop the avalanche, but I swim, swim, swim, I can win, win, win. Store your nuts and show your balls, kick it into gear. Burger, please --I am a star-- burger, fries and beer. Emptiness I can't describe, maybe I'll start Monday and fill with dreams and live that way look good with riches, sex all day. (CH) Get in the groove and spin, spin, spin. Balance jobs and make her grin. Grin and laugh and wonder if I'm nice. Spin the wheel, little pleasures, peasant pleasures all. Spin and make the sad girl grin, cross your fingers, make it win.


    Lullaby: You can't keep comfort in cages, my easy escape is the thing that contains me. Don't be afraid of the boogies, I've tucked you in snug as a bug in a rug. And I'm here. Here on this pillow beside you, and here in the night and the days past tomorrow. First through the door is the princess and next is the boy with the heart of the princess. Pre-CH: Sing my song to sleep, you sing my song when you're afraid. CH: Lullaby, I'll sing your lullaby. Rock-a-bye, sleep tight. You can't keep nothing that's poison, my love is the circle to keep you protected. Drop all the beetles and stingers and come to my pillow for sweet redirection. Don't be afraid of tomorrow, I've tucked you in safe as a star in the sky. And I'm here. Here on this pillow beside you. Here for your heart and to eat every sorrow. (Pre-CH/CH)


    Goodbye, Dream: CH: Goodbye, dream, I'm waking and I'm tired. Goodbye, dream, I've got bills to pay. Goodbye, dream, you were sweet hallucination. Goodbye, dream, you were sweet, but I cannot stay. Grind my bones to make his bread, I'm hungry and I'm mean. No surprises in the gristle of the throng. Reading day-old news, I tuck my shirt. Her body is electric fire. Sometimes I think of money all day long. (CH) This alarm and this, my money. Bank account is always just enough to get by if I just hang on. Buy the house and room for baby, second car and one day, maybe, feel like there's a shadow when I'm gone. (CH) Imperfect I, imperfect always, I. Struggle on, strive and fail, fall and rise, imperfect always I.


    Happy: You are my happiness, my sweet delightful daisy, the tender, strong heart at my side. And I love you, adore you, unravel your mystery, make laughing the tears that you cry. CH: Be happy, my love, for the blue of the sky is the blue of the bottomless sea. Be happy, my love, put your heart in my hands, be warm and so happy with me. You are my everything, my singing blaze of fire, held high, pouring loving hot rays. And I love you, caress you, make soothing your soreness, sing lullaby kiss every day. (CH) Talk to me, talk to me, tell me you need me, I'll tell you my life is your blood. I am your element, the song of your atmosphere, lost in the pull of your heart. And I love you, protect you, breathe deep in your ozone, no sorrow can pull us apart.


    Shark-Sad Circles: Swimming circles, shark-sad circles, swimming endless, blue and shy. Swimming slowly, swimming swiftly, shark-sad circles, swimming, I. CH: To love a dream and dream of love, to taste the only taste I want. Food is good, but love is better, hunger lover, hunger, I. Swimming, searching, lean and lonely. Shark-sad circles, shark-sad lives. (CH) Swimming circles, shark-sad circles, swimming endless, blue and shy. Swimming slowly, swimming swiftly, shark-sad circles, swimming, I. To dream of sleep, of rest, of land. To swim perchance to drown and die. Rainless eons, well run empty, swimming puddles smaller, I. When will you be my girl? When will you belong to me?


    Worth My Weight: I keep the thing upright. Clickety-clack: hard at work or merely goofing? Thinking of my wife laid bare and tempting, ever tempting in that way that made her stick to me. This is the thing with wives, of whom I've had the one. You must remember that no one tires of pizza. We all eat three square meals a day, yes sir, and I can scarf down Doritos like I'm scarfing down the little kisses tiptoe down to center stage. Oh my goodness, shut your eyes and think of America. America, and there she is again. I can taste her smile and how she fights it. CH: I met her in a moment, solved a problem, but didn't know it, spent a long time in the wrong apartment, fell in love along the way. And she loved me, you could see it in the way we fell together. It made sense in ten dimensions. This time physics saved the day. So I pulled her even further, it was just another muscle. I was someone she could lean on. I was finally worth my weight. I picked the only particle for me. And good, this strange enamor only meant for me. I do my best to be her jester and molest her. I try to keep her very well --no pumpkin bride would do for me. And maybe she has taught me to grow up (although her work was never easy). (CH) I tell you what, I got it good, I am a lucky bastard, boy, I got a fire in my house. I've seen a rough year and survived and this, the dream of adulthood, is closer still. A man like me can argue but it will not change the way that magnets work. There are hidden laws of physics, broken often, like the blunter laws of traffic without mystery. And physics is no substitute for what it's wrapped around. I love my pizza, and I cannot get enough of her brown eyes.


    Come Home Soon: CH: I am lost without you, come home soon. Sit around, sit around, mope all day. Find a way to think of you, yes I do. Better than, better than needing you is the thought you need me too. (CH) Missing you, missing you, heart on fire, your alarm never tires. Couldn't have, couldn't have wanted more, bring my love through the door. (CH) I know what you're thinking, I've tasted the reasons you keep to yourself in your little red heart.


    Fortnight: CH: A fortnight ago, I was alone, I was without you, don't you know. A portrait of the artist as a miserable, loveless dog called over. You're so beautiful, but you think you're plain as stone, now don't you, angel? And as I fly the redeye, I'm looking for stars I can wish upon you. Oh, if you loved me the pure and naked way I love you. (CH) I play my stupid possum, like I never even learned to spell "I love you." Then you say, "hocus-pocus" and drop the bomb. I came alive in the dead skin I'd been living in like a dynamite stick --light me, baby. Your everyday magic could make me a man with a plan to expand. (CH) Though a coward, I will fight --I'd do anything to make you mine. A phone call and some sugar and the happiest day of my life. Oh, that you love me the pure and naked way I love you. (CH)


    Birdsong: Here I am in my hole in the woods, wind and rain, back to the bone. Diesel and stale, pale strangers my companions. Every morning to the gateway, every evening to the hole. This hole is mine, my place in time, my clock is tick, tick, ticking away. Son I don't trust it if it didn't work before, once my voice sang and sang. Do you know the way, I am looking for my hole. CH: And though the bird has lost its song, the wings once cold belong. Raise a fist to a broken man. Raise a hand that you clench with your back to the wall. Shuffle and heave your hammer to the rhythm. I deny that the man exists. I deny it as I'm pinned by a nickel to the wall. Stumble back to the hole, struggle into the door, fumble on to a dream. (CH) Bridge: This is the life I'm leading now. Been a year, now I'm planted here. Here a year after years and fears and tears. Here and staring at my hammer, stripped of armor, hair, and youthful glamour. Celebrate this fat, my lean horizon quicks, full of sudden starving tricks. These my fingers, these my toes, she my heart, and this my home.


    Lucky Man: I'm not quite where I should be. I'm not happy every day. I am weak in little ways. I have hurt the ones I love. It is not enough to try. I am not a little boy. She is everything to me. She is why I carry on. CH: And me, I am a lucky man. I have tried, but I am flawed. It is not enough to try. I have wounded my own heart. I have let myself fall down. (CH) I am less than she deserves. I am not her shining knight. I am selfish of her love. I am nothing without her. She is made of something warm. She has made a nest for us. She is blind as this guitar. And she says she is in love.  


    Listening Log:

    I'd been kicking this concept of writing a song a day for 14 days around for a while and finally decided to try it to lift myself out of a writing drought.  Of course, being me, I lost track and actually went 15 days instead.  In recording this album (which took more like 14 months), I wanted to go in a different direction from other recent efforts, recording a more power-trio electric guitar high-energy rock and roll album.  I coicidentally came across my greatest equipment purchase since my djembe --my POD amp simulator, which allowed me to have the best guitar sounds I've ever captured, all in a direct signal (and I haven't scratched the surface of what the box could do --in the hands of someone like Speranza, the tones would be monumental).  I recorded a full unreleased rough draft of this album to get familiar with each song, which helped me to steer clear of some bad initial instincts.  Every song except for Lucky Man (which is the original demo) was recorded with a click and a real emphasis on the groove.  Overall, I think this is one of my better, certainly more polished, albums, and I think that the power trio idea worked out as planned.  I've discussed the technical side of these songs one-by-one fairly extensively in the interviews, so I'll try to avoid repeating myself here.


    The Sound My Heart Makes: A love song for Vaunne.  About the excitement you feel when you're around the one you love.  The vocals are tripled, one of them being distorted.


    At First Sight: This and Goodbye, Dream are my two favorites off the album.  I love this groove and can't believe I pulled off that lead guitar part, since I'm notoriously terrible.  This is a loose string of memories about the long transition from friendship to marriage Vaunne and I underwent.  It's somewhat simplified for Hollywood.


    I Don't Fear It Anymore: I love this vocal line, although I think my actual lyric might have been stronger if I'd reworked it over more time.  I wanted to capture a little bit of Jeff Buckley's style when I was writing this.  I also wanted to have an intro where the beat was apparently reversed from how it originally came in.


    Love Is All The Gold: This is the kind of cryptic, image-laden, stream of consciousness lyric that is easiest for me to write.  I just get a poetic meter stuck in my head, and start speaking out loud, fitting words and thoughts into the pattern, skimming through a tapestry of whatever occurs to me.  This ends up being about all the changes that accompany leaving your twenties behind, settling down, finding yourself amid the responsibilities and routines of that life.


    Catnip: Now that I'm married, I can write this kind of song without any trace of irony.  This is a lighthearted treatise to forever remind knockout Vaunne that she is hopelessly spellbound by a big-nosed pudgy balding nerd like me.  When Cara was a baby, this song held a particular sway over her, and was one of the go-to songs for calming her out of her frequent bouts of colic.  Those noises from Cara during the scat fade are patched together from videos of her when she was approximately 6-9 months old.  Hadley is currently about the same age, and making a whole different set of noises with the same voice.


    Can't Stop the Avalanche: This was the first song I wrote for this project.  My favorite music to listen to is hard rock (Motley Crue, King's X, Shotgun Messiah, Extreme, Audioslave, to name a few things floating through my iPod), but I've never really been able to consistently write in that style.  Typically, I end up writing swank no matter what I try.  I seem to be incapable of writing either jazz or heavy metal, but just keep pulling pieces of them into my stuff.  This is as close as I think I've come to writing a pure hard rock song, but I don't think it's as strong a song as others on the album.  Rorem has been goading me into recording a total hard-rock album, and he's totally swayed me.


    Lullaby: I wrote this one as a (gasp) lullaby for Vaunne, and you can see how it gets progressively more soothing as it goes along.  Oh, yes, I acknowledge my addiction to the ape screaming.  I acknowledge, but refuse to seek treatment.  The fade contains a polyrhythmic juxtaposition of material from the string trio outro to Beautiful Smile (on Separate Ways), from which the chorus obviously is lifted.  I like song self-quotation, and because Sting does it, I feel like I've been granted permission to do it, too.


    Goodbye, Dream: I think this is clearly the best song on this album (easily in my top 10), and a unique performance that I didn't even consider trying to redo for Least Significant Failures.  On the surface, this is about waking up and going to work, but it is also --like Love Is All The Gold-- an exploration of maturing into my thrities and realizing how my dreams have changed from things like "being signed to a major label" to things like "being happily married" or (though my kids weren't yet born when I wrote this) "being a good dad."  That notion of family legacy is what I'm getting at with the line "someday maybe feel like there's a shadow when I'm gone."  Some of the best bass playing I've ever pulled out of my lily-white behind.


    Happy: A little ape screamer ditty I wrote to cheer up my sweetie because we all know how she loves a little ape screamin' when she's blue!


    Shark-Sad Circles: A reminiscence on the emptiness and hopelessness of my long lonely life before Vaunne, capped off with the self-quote of "When" (thank you again, Mr. Sumner!)


    Worth My Weight: Stream-of-consciousness daydream of Vaunne's glories written when I should've been working on code (clickety-clack: hard at work or merely goofing?)  Dr. Joh3n O'Meara shakes his head and says, "That's not really String Theory, chumpcake."


    Come Home Soon: I was singing this to the girls at the dinner table the other day, and Vaunne suddenly realized it was about her.  She's cute like that.  I'd forgotten how bouncy this little groove is.  Sweet.


    Fortnight: Well, I already knew the title I wanted for the album (for the 14-day concept), so I wanted a title song for it.  So I decided to twist it into a testimonial to the first days of elation after Vaunne and I first confessed our love to each other.  I'm extremely sappy, but at last happy.


    Birdsong: I love this texture riff, and did a decent job of lead guitar (I should retire on my unbeatable high-note after hitting that fill following "shuffle and heave your hammer to the rhythm").  This is a sequel of sorts to Birdy, though not still inside the fictional character.  Come to think of it, this ends up being a decent hard rock song --better than Avalanche.  I'm more successful than I imagined!


    Lucky Man: Sometimes I don't think I really deserve Vaunne.  She may figure out that I'm not really good enough for her one day.  This is the initial demo of this song, recorded right after finishing it.  This is one of the few times where months (now years) later, I wouldn't change the performance.